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Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 09 May 2013 · 4,231 views

what is hope? and what does it mean to have hope?to me having hope means the following:it means despite all the troubles,setbacks and etc that life throws at us we don't allow ourselves to give up no matter what.it keeps pushing us towards and always keeping us hopeful and keeps us going on.i have a lot of powerful and unlimited amount of hope and much more than that as well.i had dreams that i hear the word lion and see a lion as well.well that is my inner force and inner will that keeps me going along with hope as well.add those two combine i am unstoppable and don't give up.i keep going and going not giving in and etc.some people may call that being stubbornness call it whatever you wish but i will keep going and going.my little brother tells me to at times that what i believe is stupid or wrong and this and that.i do admit he does annoy me in that way not him but his ignorance and close mind at times.he's still young and etc.my point is this i still have hope and much more despite whenever he tells me to give up i just get mad at him for saying that to be honest.anyway hope is something that should be priceless meaning in my terms something to always have within ourselves because loosing hope is a very dangerous thing to loose and throw away.sometimes hope is all we.also what is your inner power animal force that keeps you going?mine is personally the lion:)i am damn proud of that despite what people think or may think of that.its funny my little brother tells me i don't have a lion heart he tries to discourage my beliefs and etc at times too.he's something alright.plus he tells me for him having a lions heart means for example like told me is this way.lets take a professional boxer who keeps getting hit or knocked down but keeps getting back up on his feet despite that.well to him having the heart of lion means that way to him.he tells me pretty much in those words.well he's wrong to me having a lions heart means getting back up from anything it could be physically or spiritually and etc.anyway hope goes deep and runs deep don't let no one take that away from you.one thing i do wish and desire deeply though is to meet my twin flame preferably because i want someone to really understand where i come from and more.you know its like for example people sometimes accept your beliefs and etc just to be polite no i want more i want someone to truly understand me and get me.also hope is the thing within us that tells us everything will be fine don't give a damn what others might think.like David Icke says as soon as we stop letting fear of what others might think and we let that affects us in what we believe then that's when we stop making a differene.in order to make a real difference we have to step out and stop doing what others are doing and get out.we don't have to be another faceless dummy in the crowd.we are original don't die a copy.hope is also that thing within us that don't allow us to quit and give up.