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Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 24 May 2013 · 141 views

i been dreaming of schools lately and often.in some dreams i am the teacher at times,at other i am the student and etc.it varies to me in each dream.i am learning in some dreams math,other times to be a warrior school in the spiritual schools and higher realms.then there are times that i am going to visit a teacher once that i remember saying and said i am looking for another star seed too.for the past weeks i been dreaming about schools honestly.most of the time i am leaning of course but i am also a teacher in training in my dreams.all i am telling in my blogs i am being more than truthful and honest.i can't be more than honest than that lol. but learning is fun though and it would be more funner if we were being taught the real truths or many truths though.but that's our job to change that of course.because the things were being taught at schools and etc is not the truths of course maybe there is some truths in there.but in one of dreams i said i was in history class right.i said the following here.1)in my own words like this this is bull**** the things we are being taught is fake and fabricated history most of it.the teacher heard me but didn't say anything though.then the teacher ask this other student a question right.which i kinda forgot have to look at my dream journals and etc to remember bu ti do know what the teacher said he said this."the matrix a.k.a false reality we see around us is not what it seems to be!","the matrix will not go down without a fight meaning it will do anything at all cost to survive and fight back!" "at times it will seem like its winning at other times it will seem like nothing is changing but believe it will change and go down!" this matrix is persistent to say the least.i would like to personally only go the higher realms and spirit world schools and etc and learn there all the time.i mean and i am talking about real information,knowledge and etc.also i would like to bring this knowledge back to earth and remember every single bit 100 percent and share it with all.now i would be careful with who of course so it does not fall in the wrong hands.in my opinion i suggest anyone who has this type of real and honest knowledge and etc to do the same.i consider myself a messenger,a teacher,sage i guess too lol and many things.what others choose how to define is up to you:)one thing though just don't label me anything bad.all my knowledge comes from within and from outside of me.i do the best i can and etc.i am a Gemini person so its not really my thing to make a plan i write as i write it and etc.for example this blog and others i write them in the spot.planning everything is not my thing.while i do planned certain things and etc not all.this does not mean i don't put effort,time or etc.i write as much details as possible,facts,personal opinions and more.for those who know how Gemini people are one thing we don't really like is too much details does it mean we like useless info no of course not either.we just like and prefer the most important details,facts,straight to the point and etc.now by this people feel free to write as much as you want,ill still read it though so don't worry or get scared ill ignore you or something lol