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Organic Vegatables and Fruits:)

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 06 June 2013 · 130 views

Hello my fellow star seeds and humanity.i have a very important advice.grow your own organic foods,fruits and vegetables and anything really.well some people may say its too much time for the plants to grow or trees and etc;well to me those sound like like excuses to not do it.me personally yeah while i do agree it may take some time but like i told my parents its more than worth the while after,seeing those truly 100 percent organic and tasteful and good looking fruits and etc.damn that sounds good and healthy.high vibrating foods straight from your own backyard and house.man o man that sounds terrific and amazing.i could just imagine having in my own house and in my body system not only will it help my earth physical body but as well as spiritually and vibrationally wise and energetically wise as well!. i am at the moment growing my own tomato plants i just bough a total of five different types of tomatoes.i am working on growing my own orange tree and apple apple tree next after.so my more than honest reply is while some things may take time its wroth the wait believe and i am a person that likes fast results but i learned to be patient as much as possible and realize not everything will be grow as fast as we want.so saying its takes too long and etc is just a excuse not to do it.while certain things yeah for example if i know i could get something fast completed as possible ill take that path as long as it not dangerous or etc ill do it.for example a writer free lance writer and book author one of many things i want to do,there are schools that offer a two year program too long for me i see one i could do it in 6 months better for me besides schools these days are a lot of money and earth schools information is not as honest and truthful as higher higher real dimensional school and etc.what earth schools teach us especially history is not true like more than most of it anyway. i question everything for my own benefit and protection and etc.as i advice all to do the very same.it does not mean if you tell me something ill discredit it believe its not like that with me i listen and to use it i ask my higher self and soul to help me to confirm;my soul a.k.a higher self lets me know mostly through dreams and other ways too.but anyway back to food and etc i also highly advice eating meats all types and animal products for your own good and your love ones as well.here are some locations you might find fruit vegetables and fruit seeds and etc.1)GROCERY OUTLET,2)99 cent store,dollar tree and various especially home depot and orchard:)isn't is worth it?
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