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Simple homemade Organic Salad

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 19 June 2013 · 277 views

i just made a really simple Organic homemade salad at home:)it tasted good and delicious and the best part besides being organic and free of animal products and meats of all types and refined sugar sugar from the dressings that many people put that has high fructose corn syrup and sugar like i said.i added fresh avocado,organic lettuce,some onion and that's it for me.of course you can add whatever you want.i just recommend don't add sugar,meats or animal products at all otherwise your hurting yourself and your vibrational health maybe a little maybe a lot i am not sure but i do know it has a effect on you.yeah it might taste good but is it worth it though?try adding all organic as possible if you can that is that would offer the most effective high vibrational energetic and energy vibrations through your physical body,your spiritual body,vibrational body and etc!plus the benefits of this are also that you won't feel hungry for a while.high vibrational foods=high energetic and vibrational frequencies and energy isn't that worth it eating and consuming?you can add whatever you want of course just i don't recommend certain things at any cost and highly suggest to avoid as well.ask yourself's this isn't it worth changing diets?healthy eating like i said or the other?my diet consists of almost all fruits,water,vegetables,organic food and etc.no sugar,meats and animal products limiting maybe yeah but worth it oh yeah the long term benefits and more gee that's more than worth it.plus being a vegan is not that bad believe maybe its kinda hard when someone is used to eating certain ways and things but you can do it.its also good for your ascension process and spiritual process and health!when buying anything always check the ingredients and what it has and if you see something it has which you are like what is that good chance its not organic or natural from mother nature.like for example Yellow 5 WHAT IS THAT?
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Nooooo! Keep the salad away from me!! LOL....

No, really, sound good.Some organic kale and spinach might be good with it too....oh, and carrots too!
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