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"Organic" food from china

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 04 September 2013 · 199 views

Do not buy so called "Organic" food from China people,star seeds and light workers and whole humanity alike.why China is one of the most polluted places in the Planet plus the government is not the nicest either not saying we should believe or really trust any government at all anyway.they are all liars and deceivers and if you pay nay government they will let anything pass especially the United states government.anyway they have found that china has violated some regulations regarding food!i am not in favor of any government at all to be honest. but china and the U.S.A government are not that different really.the same goes to all.but food coming from there how safe is it?can we really trust them?,do they really care about organic food?,do they really and honestly search for non organic produce and see if its truly organic?some companies like wal-mart and etc find loopholes to slip in it non organic food with the organic food claiming its organic!now this is not to scare you but to keep you alert and cautious.there are so many ways you can protect yourself from this.1)grow your own organic garden always the best solution,2)look at the PLU codes in the product its the scan code with the numbers behind the products and etc.2)make sure its label organic with the label!,4)look at the ingredients and what it has all the time.make sure its GMO free labeled as well. GET YOUR POWER BACK when i say get your power back what i should be really saying is you already have it within just be aware of it and use it.take back your own health by buying wisely,what you buy,what you drink,what products are they and where they come from and has and more.don't hand over your health to the so called doctors today if they knew what causes something really then all disease would be gone.all diseases are caused by foods we eat like meats and animal products in my opinion and its also been studied and researches as well.eat organic people for your own health the taste might be the same as their conventional parts but the benefits of organic something outweighs and beats the health risks of pesticides and Gmo's!!!.another thing is be careful about organic chips and snacks first before you buy them.so some to thorough research first!.are they really organic?are they really Gmo free?,are they really more healthier than regular chips? and think for yourself too.i mean i won't lie organic chips do sound healthier but are they?me i am not sure to be honest.also the company "lays" that make Doritos,hot Cheetos and etc are owned by Monzanto by the way just to let you all know.all conventional chips are bad and unhealthy.organic not sure.who make them and where do they come from really?if Monzanto would to claim we have organic chips or anything safe i would not believe it either way no matter what!don't buy their products anyway or at all.