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Opening with some recent creative endevours.

Posted by AngelPhoenix , 12 March 2013 · 407 views

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Starting my first entry with two poems i've written, a lot of my poems depend on what i'm feeling and experiencing at the time, they tend to come out better when i wait for the right 'inspiration hit' to come along rather than 'sitting down and writing something', i find poetry is a way for me to express whats going on in my soul rather than try to keep it bottled up.  I have been an unexplained-mysteries fan for awhile, it's an amazing site, looking forward to being a part of it.

Dark Soul

The dark depraved soul,
Benighted and chaotic,
dwells in sinister places,
Where light souls fear to tread,
Angry, negative emotions,
Oozing from its pores,
Polluting its surroundings,
Like a thick black smog,
It roams the Earth,
Spreading its corruptiveness,
Trying to taint the ones,
who have illuminated souls,
Waging a war,
On the Almighty One,
Trying to infiltrate pain,
By hurting his children,
It destroys their spirit,
and turns dreamers into hollow shells,
shadows of their former selves,
waiting out their existence,
becoming the living dead,
The dark depraved soul,
feeds on all that is gloomful,
So living in a world,
Where people have become,
Selfish and demonic,
Makes it the ideal playground,
For the dark depraved soul.

By AngelPhoenix

My Life

I live a life thats mine,
With a soul so divine,
A heart beating with love,
Sent from God above,
Two eyes that see all,
A human that feels the call,
Of a destiny lying in wait,
To be lived before it's to late,
Life can be all to fleeting,
Why do we waste time waiting,
Grab the chances that pass you by,
And fulfill them now before you die.

I sing from the bottom of my heart,
I write from the depths of my soul,
I dance like no-one is watching,
I laugh till my funny bone cries for mercy,
I learn till all knowledge is known,
I love completely and eternally,
I live like theres never a tomorrow,
I believe in hope, faith, and strength,
I am and always will be me,
Openly, honestly, until the end.

By AngelPhoenix

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