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Andromedan Dream Plus Related Dreams

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 21 March 2013 · 487 views

okay my name is braulio but most call me and know me by the name of Bobby.well anyway like around 4-5 months ago i had a dream.plus most recently i had more recent dreams that relate and add more validity to it.and yes i am sure what i dreamed and i know what they are,what they mean and etc.like i said before i am sharing information,knowledge and wisdom and etc.enough about that if you don't believe that's fine i don't need you to i know what i saw and etc:) So like i said like around 4-5 months ago i had a dream where i got my answer to my question.the question was the following:1)is my soul originally from another galaxy and planet?and if i am from where?well i got my answer like that same day or like3 days later can't remember specifically when.well there was this group of five people gathered around a fire they made right.so its me and my brother the second oldest and my brother starts talking to one without even knowing.but me for some reason i sense and feel that even though they look like any normal human they are not human like on earth human.i ask them the very first thing that comes to my mind and sense is are you "Andromedan" they say yes they are.they don't hesitate to answer or   etc. Now whats important about this dream is the following:!)everything why?because for one it gave me the answer i was looking for and everything in the dream is important.plus some of you might say it's just a dream.my respond to that is this that's your belief and that's you.truth is there's many people than believe than non-believers.but also i had other dreams where there's water and the thing is i am one with  the water and feel at home in the water.i say this because the "Andromedans" feel at home near and in the water.any other resources     will say the same thing if one bothers to listen and open their minds to it to do the research.                                                                                     Also as funny as they sounds i had dreams where in one instance i was a "mermaid"   the dream meaning and symbolism of a mermaid is the following:1)a person/animal that feels at home in the water or being,2)a message of the unconscious part of the mind and 3)half animal and half person/being.which reinforces my main dream of the "ANDROMEDAN". other dreams i has is i dreamed of fishes which also symbolizes another creature that feels at home in the water and much more.    but a lot of dreams i have involve water and animal that live and feel at home with water.

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