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The Men In Black

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 02 April 2013 · 392 views

Todays Blog will be aout the MIBs and their connection to the Whole UFO phenomena.why are they so  you could say hell bent  and determined to silence witnesses and serious researchers trying to uncover the real honest truth and bring in the light to issue and etc.These MIBs are very effective and very smart and resourceful and they are very as well effective at silencing some if most witnesses and researchers in the UFO Field.why do they feel so threatned and why???what do they have to loose??? and what makes them think they have the right to do what they do???they are not the owners of the truth and the truth will not be suppressed or etc not by them or anybody.    First,who are these mysterious MIBs?who exactly are they?well  there's many ideas or theories asto what they are.one of them is this they are themselves Aliens or E.Ts same thing in human disguise.what i believe is this they create these biological human looking skin suit that covers a machine type body in a way like the movies the terminator.inside the human looking suit and body is a grey alien or possobly a reptilian that is controlling the body by being inside or by remote controlled type of way.i say this because they move in a mechanical way and manner,they have a dull computer monotone voice  and they don't apparently move their lips when they talk in some cases if not all.they have a strange accent and a peculiar choice of words and the way they form their sentences too.two they walk like a machine/cyborg and have a hard time walking normally like a regular human can.they walk slowly and take at times small steps but the weird thing it looks like they struggle to walk too.3)when asked by the people who they are and most cases tey dont asnwer  but the few times they do they mentioned and say we are from the "nation of the 3rd eye".the only nation from the 3rd eye i know of and has a symbol of an aye is the house of horus and the illiminati secret society a.k.a Elite.    2nd,what is there purpose?official answer in my opinion a least to me anyway.what i have heard and does make great sense to me is there could be many to them.they for one silience people into being silent and not saying any word of what they saw or heard or etc!!!if they do they will regretfully wish they didn't according to them.what i mean is this they gather information on the individual or information that they use agaisnt them in a threatning manner and method.they do however want UFO related case and phenomena more than just being secret.this sounds like them silence and supress evidence and proof and anything related at all cost!!!.from the sounds of it they are really desparate and have a great great amount to loose if people know of UFO existance and of them as well.it's like anything else if your good you have nothing to hide or etc but if your evil then yeah one would do something like that like example the MIB,the illuminati,new world order and etc!!!.remember people "all it takes for evil to win and triumph is for good people or the force of good to do nothing" if we believe and think well we can't do nothing to  fight back then we already lost the whole way not just the battle.Another connection they have is that they always appear in UFO hotspots and near psychic phenomena too.they always seem to know where to be at the right place and the right time.how is it as well they know who was there?because the nest day they appear at the persons house that was at the ufo sighting.either in groups of three(3) or two(2) or one(1).they also appear when a reseacher has found important evidence and proof of an UFO.they tell them you know too much or try to discourage you or anyway they can to silence you.these men in black like i siad before use anything they can to silence serious research and witnesses people.that includes turning one race against another or by threats!!!but do not fear we have unlimited inner power,abilities and powers!!!we are more we are many then they are we have the numbers and we are more powerful than they could ever be.we have souls we are not alone and have never been alone since the beginnig of time and humanity.we need to stop fighting each other once and for all,we need to come as one whole big and powerful united human race.arms yourselves with love,wisdom and knowledge develop unconditional love towards another.we are all amazingly powerful people and be couragous and brave.do not fear.we are spritual beings having a physical experince we are not animals we are people and beings with free will and a conscious!!!stand up and awaken humanity.they will try and makes think we are something we are not and make try to make it look like we are less and not powerful spiritual beings but they are wrong wrong and wrong.finally after these men in black visit the researchers or witness they usually feel sick aftewards sometimes for days.we also not need to pray to a false god or any religion at all we already have what we need to change the world and much more.we have free will and a conscious to make our own decisions and choices and live our lives the way we want.the only sin is ignorance people.we are in war at this moment that war is not bring fought with weapons or etc but its beings fought through consciousness we are in a conscious war meaning we are being manipulted and controlled and more.  this war that is going on is not with guns or weapons but with with mind.                                                                                                                                                3rd,where do they often more appear at?well they often apppear in the following.1)Area 51 in las vega,nevada,Dulce,new mexico,and in places with psychic phenomena,groom lake and blue diamond,Nevada,the missipi valley region.the ohio valley region and parts of California,new mexico and Arizona.all these areas are also hotspots for UFO sightings and more.also where i live in the central coast in the monterey bay county.this includes salinas,monterey and seaside and marina.i read that there underground bases near and somewhere in monterey county these men in black are i personally believe and feel and thik as well they are trying to protect a race of Negative and Evil Race of E.Ts called the reptilians and the greys. that's why they are so desparate to keep them a secret and hide the truth.because they will loose the control they have over humanity and loose everything.without the humans these negative and evil races are nothing.what gives them  power as well is that people don't believe in them.also they abduct humans for experiments and worse things that i will write in another blog.also these in men in black are if they are a shadow government agency they are benefiting from a pact and deal they made a long time ago.that is if they humans or traitors is a better word.i also believe that they did make a deal because there is evidence and proof but the deal they made had many or some hidden agenda or strings attched that when the shadow goverment or whatever they are or are or come from can't get out from.so they are stuck with them.the U.S.A goverment did make a deal they offered the greys a hiding spot and places in planet earth as their new home a least for now anyway in exchange for technology and in return they alloed the greys to abduct humans and whatever they please.

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