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message to the American public and the whole world and humanity

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 23 April 2013 · 589 views

people i have a little message and advice at the same time here:) that is please don't buy into or fall prey into the whole Al Qaeda is a international terrorist organization and group hell bent on destroying America's so called "freedom" and "democracy". The American government is a two face liar and back stabber To the American public and humanity as a whole.Al Qaeda is actually a CIA database created by the CIA themselves that have thousands of names after name and etc of people that were trained by the CIA themselves to fight the Russians in when they occupied some land in Afghanistan i believe.either way they have told the American people and possibly the whole world as well.with the help of the mainstream media the biggest propaganda machine ever created in human history spreading misinformation and disinformation has been even more effective and used as a weapon on the American public and the whole world as well.people go to the mainstream media and mainstream anything for reliable news and facts and etc.you are not getting that in fact your getting the complete opposite lies,deceits,propaganda and a one sided story that is fabricated as well.the mainstream media is controlled and manipulated by the elites that have many names they go by which i will not repeat because i do not want to sound like a broken record lol i will go more into details and facts in another blog this is just a sample here and a warning.the war on terror is a lie as well and in fact a oxymoron because war is terror and the so called war on terror is a lost cause and false.there is no AL QAEDA but there are people that will go to extremes i will give you that though.the mainstream media is all lies,propaganda,myths,fabricated stories and are one sided as well.stop watching mainstream media people and the world please.but also be careful they are smart and clever as well they realize this themselves and set up other traps and etc.

Apr 23 2013 08:52 PM
Death to terrorism, death to Al Qaeda!!
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Starseed hybrid 1111
Apr 24 2013 08:24 PM
dude Al Qaeda is not real don't be fooled and buy into that trust me.
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Apr 24 2013 11:27 PM
So Osama bin Laden is whom?
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Starseed hybrid 1111
Apr 28 2013 08:58 PM
osama bin ladden was a creation of the unites states and CIA in particular.i never heard him say anything about Al Qaeda to be honest that was the united states.like i said there are bad people out there though that's it
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