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the fake competition of fast food places!

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 03 May 2013 · 509 views

there is a fake competition between all the fast food places such as the main popular ones like the following:Burger King,McDonalds,wendys,carl junior and etc.the list goes on and one.the point is that they show on television about new products,new burgers and friend and to everything pretty much.well their meats come from meat factories and meat slaughter houses where they treat the animals in a cruel ways and methods.most are crammed together in small and limited spaces and whatever they call hem where they keep them at in there.well those meats are very low vibrating energy sources to say the least.the other thing to that is one should not be eating meats anyway because it has harmful side effects on the human body in the physical realm and overall health of the body.examples most recently they an increase of more than one type of cancer besides colon cancer it raises up one's chance of getting cancer greatly.i want you to ask yourselves this people.is your life and health worth putting at risk for just a few minutes of eating this crap?it has no real nutritional value to begin with greasy food to say the least.the effect it has on our vibrational body rates is for one it lowers it greatly,it keeps us stuck vibrating in the material world and the 3rd dimensional world or realm.it blocks from higher dimensional light and energy sources from the universe to reaching us and helping us.another thing it puts us in a position where they could harm us since we are vibrating to their level and in their domain you could say too.we must reach higher consciousnesses by eating fruits and vegetables,avoid sugary drinks and etc.almost everything has sugar these days so that part is kinda hard i know.but still don't eat their crap.anyway back to this so called competition between them.the truth is they in fact are doing the opposite how they make the people believe they are fighting for customers on top of the surface but under the surface they are working secretly working together switching mangers and whatever else they do they switch back and forward among each other.the food that they sell i warn you right here and right now don't eat their crap at all please.it will benefit you in the long run believe me.by not eating their crap you will come closer to understanding the true meaning of a light worker.I'm doing the best i can i am not perfect but that does not stop me from trying i always push myself t perfect myself and you should do the same.anyway the competition of theirs is fake and not real they do that for many reasons.like for example they might say eat and buy Burger King better because taco bell is beating them in customers this and that.and what what do people do they fall victim to this and they go there.i admit i was a victim to this before i woke up and realized what i know now to be honest.am i still learning about many things of course i am i don't know everything ill be the first to admit here and now.so the point and main message of this is two one thing don't eat their crap and two know this competition of theirs is fake and not real and a way to manipulate others to buy their crap food and poison you at the same time

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