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astral projection

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 04 May 2013 · 701 views

Astral projection what is it?astral projection is when ones leaves their body their spirit or soul leaves their body on purpose with free will and able to return to their body at any time they wish and desire.the only thing that prevents people from achieving this great and wonderful experiences is fear.fear is the biggest obstacle in the way.some people think what if my soul or spirit never comes back.that's not true in astral projection if you just think about your body you come back right away because your always connected to your body always remember that.the human brain is what holds us back because its afraid!if we could convince the brain its okay and that we are in control and could back at any time we will have better luck and success at the same time astral projecting at the same time.another important thing to remember no spirit in the spirit world can take over your body at any time at all from what i hear because for one your always connected to it with a silver cord like a firewall protection in a computer basically that's just a metaphor.and two simply one could just say to the spirit get out of here while being assertive and not afraid of it.i am not afraid to admit i haven't had no success and stopped for while but i am more stronger than ever before and will continue this until i become a master at it and then in return i will teach others interested in this service i will not charge at all and as matter of fact you don't even need my help in the sense that there are free services online and cheap books to like i prefer it and my favorite method called do it yourself.i believe and feel this is a good method because through trial and error you know what need perfection and what you need to improve at and finally you know what works best for you nobody can tell you that but only you.i certainly cannot do that for you i could give you advice and etc but in the end only you will know which are best for you:)but if one needs that extra help i or others already a master at this can help you too.but be careful,be selective and trust your intuition in who you trust is one of my most valuable advice i could give anybody.i could offer advice and more of course I'm just saying.and please don't Hollywood movies based on astral projection make you think that's how it is a scary and dangerous thing to do and etc.remember this they make things worse and they are just movie and what else they over exaggerate to make things fun and exciting watch.they like science kills the whole experiences and poison peoples mind.

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