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The "Soul" and what it is

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 05 May 2013 · 295 views

What is the soul?i am reading this book called journey of the souls by Michael Newton,PH.D.he done many past life regression sessions.he says that souls are this glowing fragment of light like a ball shaped.all his patients say the same thing over and over again.unless you think they are all laying or etc then that's your opinion not fact.anyway i wouldn't know how to respond to that except for you must really ignorant and really close minded to say the least.but the soul lives on forever it cannot and never be destroyed either but it can be hurt if not taken care of right though and badly wound.well anyway there are around of classes or developmental groups of souls.they are 1)the beginner sou,2)the intermediate soul and finally the advanced soul.my personally i been told that i am a very old highly developed soul.and to be honest i do feel old as well.my human age might be young and my appearance and etc right but not my soul or attitude either.i am mature for my age.plus like a day ago i had a dream and to make something clear i was not reading or thinking about souls i had a dream about my soul.i asked about a very old ancient book that i guess i co-created in the spirit world with the help of another ancient soul and entity much older than me and advanced.she was a female entity in the spirit world.the book was written by us two save the world no lie just pure honest truth.this also tells me and backs up my soul advancement.well the author of the book also mentions that are all but the same meaning the souls but their development is not.all souls are made up from the one source and created by the one source.this one source has many names but religious names are crap in my opinion though.religion and humanity gives it too much a human appearance and the one source is more than what people think and is not this being in the sky like religion mentions or etc.the source has names from God,ALLAH i think and more.but the patients that undergo this procedure meaning the highly developed and old souls says it the spirit world combine with some very very highly advanced souls together as in a group make up this god-force.its not one single being.the things that makes a beginner soul is the fact they either never been on the earth plane or any other life outside the spirit world and that they still in early development too.two the intermediate soul is more developed but still has much to learn and finally last but not least the old highly advance soul and developed soul.which is me is closer to the source and feels its more than any other below them this does not make them more special or better its just they just had more lifetimes on outside the spirit world,more wisdom and etc.if your a young soul don't feel bad or lesser please everyone started out like this from the bottom to the top.you will get there believe me.also highly developed souls and old ones act more as advisers,sages and etc because they have mastered many problems and have more knowledge and etc. The human Soul or as a matter of fact what is the "soul?"many people i get the feeling don't believe that it even exist maybe i wrong about this but if i am then i am more than glad because that's a good sign to me.it lets me know that people are open minded and at least get the idea that no one truly ever dies and that there is a afterlife as well.because we came from somewhere and we for somewhere after physical death.nothing truly dies we transfer somewhere else.for those religious people that may think i am talking about heaven and hell and purgatory I'm not referring to that.heaven is different for everyone and so is hell.what i mean is that there is no religious hell or heaven.we make our heaven and hell.depending based on our beliefs affects where we end up i believe.also they is no hell or heaven like religion speaks of either.we are not judged by some great might being but instead the ones who judge us is ourselves.we do a life review on ourselves with our guides.then we determine what we must do to fix what we did wrong in our lifetime and etc.that's how we choose our next lifetime on either earth or another place depending what's best for us.i will continue this blog after this one... to be continued lol

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