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Easy Free methods and ways to ascend faster

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 06 May 2013 · 266 views

Remember i said to stop eating all kinds of meats and animal products well here's more advice and tips for free.i believe the best things in life are free well her's some of the stuff here LOL :) they are 1)drink pure water not from the faucet where one washes their hands with unless you have a really good high quality filter machine installed at your home then yeah go for it i guess even then i don't trust it still that's just me though.2)don't drink sugary drinks such as sodas,fruit juices from the store that claim that are 100 percent juice and stuff,they are loaded with sugar a lot they lower our vibrations and more.i like to read the labels and what they contain in the things i buy right well one time i came across this juice that claimed it was 100 percent fruit juice then i see the back it was only like 5 percent fruit juice I'm like what the hell is this juice or not so i leave it behind!i am not drinking their crap and neither should you.i do care about other people even if i may not know you personally:)well you want real 100 percent juice here's some common sense and easy free tips and advice go to the fruit store your local market support the small businesses family owned if possible these corporations are taking over.anyway buy some fresh if you can afford it prefer to buy organic fruits and vegetables and etc.if you have a fruit juice machine at home make it there but do not add sugar from the stores otherwise you might at just well buy their crap from the store really.drink it and boom you have a fresh pure fruit juice or vegetable homemade juice at home the best part about it too is this.you know whats in it:) :):)get creative too add some strawberries with mango and etc mix things around make your own jamba juice at home lol.3)do not animal meats of any kind,4)do something fun go outside with nature at least for 20-30 minutes each day get some sun rays and etc.play sports and play with your family if you want and be active.5)listen to uplifting music and positive music and avoid mainstream media music for obvious reasons unless they truly have a positive messages behind them and etc.6)by all costs don't and avoid watching mainstream media news and etc because they don't tell you the whole truth stories and will not either.if you expect them to you will be sadly disappointed and angry too.they are controlled by the Illuminati,they have many names they go by but in reality they are but the same to be honest.another thing i would like to advice is the following almost sadly everything these days have sugar in them but i have a way and easy step to avoid as much as possible.look at the labels in the back please.look at how much sugar it has if it has if it has like less less than 10 grams or however they measure it i guess buy it but even then i still wouldn't if i want natural sugar i turn to fruits.i hope most of you use my advice.i do care about others really not just myself and for family.i watch my family eat meat and think how much easier would it be why its really that bad to eat meat but i can't not directly because they won't listen to me that way.they will think i am making it up and etc:(

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