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Humanity must grow and mature spiritually first

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 24 May 2013 · 228 views

People talk about Flying star trek space traveling craft and etc.but what humanity do first is the following:they must evolve and grow spiritually and mature in that specific area first.i say  that because humanity has a power hungry addiction and power thing to them.humanity is violent,ignorant,too egotistical,selfish and stuck in the old ways.if humanity had the technology world goverments would try to more than likely try and take over other races and species in the universe.like any more highly by the millions maybe billions way more advanced than humanity in not just spiritual but technological would say "oh come on in and and destroy or attack us will turn the other cheek around"come one humanity how ignorant and power hungrt are you???humanity would lose badly without a doubt.the only way humanity will be able to space travel to other galxies and etc is by ascending and growing and maturing spiritually before humanity can even achieve this feat.unless humanity learns this and does this they will achieve this amazing feat and abilities.here's the positive side to this as well all technology will be used for the highest good and benevolent purposes meaning it won't be misused or for other reasons.bad news is this the bad guys and etc cannot achieve this and will not be allowed to its like a safe guard for those power hungry and that want this technology for malevolent and evil reasons.you know who you are.so is space traveling to tother galaxies and planets and etc possible hell yeah it is but unless humanity does this and truly learns how to advanced spiritually first and matures they won't do this yet.so in the mean while have fun sticking to rocks and stuff.and looking at pure pictures and etc.i would like humanity to be able to achieve this feat and ablities but not at the moment.knowing humanity how they are forget it it's not worth the risk or damage.humanity is not ready for this type of technology yet.especially not  earth governments they are liars,power hungry,evil,deceivers.back stabbbers,and etc.that type of technology in their hands wow can you say destruction and slavery?

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