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intense fight white magic vs black

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 01 June 2013 · 221 views

my most recent dream tonight was that i was a white wizard that just uses pure white magic and etc and well i was fighting this evil dark wizard that was the complete opposite of me. well i was as far i can recall i am powerful wizard in training but using using extremely powerful white magic spells and etc for my current status at the moment.i was not a novice but neither a master wizard either.as i am still in training.but this other dark evil wizard was on the other hand was a expert at dark a.k.a black magic though.despite maybe that disadvantage what end up helping me was my strong will,determination,will power,love too,my inner power,effort and etc all that i had within me.well it was one of a fight to be honest.at one time i thought he was going to hit me or kill me but he was close but something didn't allow that to happen something within me prevented that and bounced it off me without touching me.even though i did perform these advanced spells and all it took a lot on my part to create them and use them in the end i was really tired to say the least.but it was battle between good vs evil,white magic vs black magic.white magic won that was me.also in the end i was really happy that it was finally over and that evil wizard gone out of my life.after so long of a struggle.i was free of him!. the battle did take a long time between him and i.but i won and was free now forever from him.although this may sound like something like harry potter movies or etc its true i did dreamed this and by no way was even thinking of the movies or reading a book or etc of the movies harry potter.i was thinking about something else and this is what i got.so with that said ill leave at that take it or leave that's up to you.the thing about dreams people and star seeds is this no matter how fictional,movie like or random a dream is believe remember its always mean something always.your job is to write it down and decipher it what it means.the important thing is remember as much as you can after waking up and etc.otherwise if one does not remember it it's like it never happened at all.and also forget what others say about they are just dreams okay.

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