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Peace development Part number 2

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 11 June 2013 · 172 views

wouldn't it be great to live in a world of peace?i would bet that be a dream and more than just dream but a reality coming true!people may say the following:1)peace is an illusion,2)peace will never happen,3)peace is just wishful thinking for those that can't accept the way things are or etc.well for those people i have a simple message i feel sorry for you.enjoy this world of the corruption,unfair rules and laws,greed,materialistic world and etc.that's while it last anyway because for those people changes are happening real quick and now not later.this new world will be full of love towards one another,more harmony,one love lol,humanity working with each other more willingly and much more.there will be no more for corruption,greed,evil,negativity and any negative way of living,thinking like what most of society had taught since we were born and raised to believe and etc.well Peace will happen and is happening but what i realize is this though it will happen nonetheless but we also must fight for it we must demand it and rise up and say enough is enough of this crap!!!this old grid and system is not only outdated to say the least but it will do anything to survive this means in many ways and methods.it will fight back.we must be relentless,strong,positive,hopeful,united work together to truly changes things even faster and make more progress and make this reality closer and closer everyday.anything is possible it really is.we could make the world into anything we want so lets create a world of peace,harmony,unconditional universal love,disease free and etc.but i am just wishful thinking right because i can't accept things the way they are right?wrong!!!in order to change things we must first accept them in the way that we don't like them but its when we accept things that we can because of this.if one is in denial then we can't do nothing because we don't admit it to ourselves! we are saying i am going to let the bad guys do what they want and win because i am not brave enough to accept it or believe it.like people when they talk about aliens and E.Ts they say they don't exist if science can't explain or study it don't exist.well science combined with spiritually will be all but one in the new age and new earth when science and spiritually will work in harmony with each other.then more things will be discovered more true and so much more things i can;t even imagine or know of yet.i personally am more a spiritual person but i do like information and etc as well.although i lean more to spiritually.to be more than h0onest i would prefer to follow my heart,feelings,soul and etc.so yeah i am more spiritual than anything.last night i had a dream that this woman that was my girlfriend she saw my aura it was blue and silver and purple and maybe darker blue or mid blue not light or dark.The people in real control don't want this change where there is love,harmony,peace,real freedom and much more positive life and new age.who are they they have many names but i believe they are all but the same!the Illuminati,the skull and bones society,the free masons,new world order and etc.why because they are the people with the real power,control and control this false reality a.k.a matrix just like the movie the matrix all three of them.the governments in the whole world are nothing but puppets to them star seeds,light warriors and humanity.they are put their to make us believe we choose our leaders,freedom of choice and etc.real freedom comes from within i am finding that out everyday.another reason why most think Peace is just a illusion is because of the earth human ego and because we are conditioned to believe that since just kids and by society.another thing finally are we were all conditioned to believe to believe that love is weak when in fact its the strongest force in anywhere really.the ego knows no peace and etc.think for yourself and etc.wake up to the real truths and the things behind the scenes and much more.the things on the surface are fabricated by the mainstream media and etc.peace,freedom and etc will come but we must fight for them as well.
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