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Making a real difference in the world!

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 20 June 2013 · 263 views

The only way to make a real difference in the world and in life in general is by stepping outside and working outside conformity like david icke says.how so.the only way to make a real differences is by  stepping outside that conformity meaning by doing something new and not common or another way in a way that we taught by this unfair corrupt system.there will be people that will try and pressure you and ridicule you in order to prevent you or stall you from making a real differences in the world.don't let them be strong and determined don't give in into the fear what others might say and your thing.fear is what stops most people doing and making a real differences fear of what others might say because of what you believe in,like,the comeback of the people and etc.people say they are unique which everyone is unique right and one of a kind but people sure don't act like themselves in today's society though.they want to be like everybody else and some want to be like famous people and have what they have and etc.for example they say i want to which  be like Eminem which there is nothing wrong with liking their music but their music nowadays are negative manipulative and have many subliminal messages within them that affect the human brain to programmed you.not in good ways either just to let you know. take it or not that's your choice i am just simply letting you know.almost everyone says they are unique and different but in reality they are like everybody else trying to be the same and afraid to be themselves really out of fear of what people might say and etc.don't be a clone people and don't a die a faceless person be yourself not everyone else please.you can't make a real differences by doing what others are doing or the majority of what people do.who cares what others might say the important question is who do you want to be more true yo yourself or your so called friends and etc just to fit in?ask yourself that.

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