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rich in protein food

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 24 June 2013 · 274 views

Okay so i have a very important question here what is natural protein.i i ask because i do not eat meats or animal products or things that have process sugar anything that is not natural sugar from mother nature herself.so i would like to know does peanuts and nuts have natural sugar like the ones they sell in the store.not the peanut butter with jelly but the peanuts as a whole.i check the label it said it has one gram of sugar that's why.well anyway what other foods are rich in protein that are possibly organic or natural foods.they say that raw foods are better and i agree but is cooked food although not very high and etc as raw foods are still healthy i believe.i ask because when you cook something we do kinda take a lot of nutrients away as raw foods are packed with energy and more.so my question is what are foods rich in in protein is my question.protein helps you gain weight not eat too little you kinda loose weight you eat a lot you gain weight.me i am just wanting to gain 11 pounds more but natural healthy weight though like lean muscle lol.i haven't been eating that much protein.i am no food expert but what i do know fellow star seeds,light workers and etc eat just enough protein to gain healthy weight and stable.also what foods or have natural sugar from mother nature.refined sugar and sugar from not nature is bad and bad news.like artificial sugar.

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