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Use your energy wisely and cautiosly

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 23 August 2013 · 280 views

Right now its a time to conserve and use our energies wisely in my opinion.don't waste your energy on things like fear the main one.then hate,what you lack instead give thanks for what you do have.like always i still recommend eating organic foods and more.no animal products or meats of any kind.a least go vegetarian.that will help.although if you can buy 100 percent organic soy milk and cheese believe it or not there is soy cheese.although i never seen it myself i admit it does exist you in fact can even make it at home.you can get recipes at in books and especially the internet.but be careful like always with food and water cause they may still put ingredients there that are not organic food.check for high risk Gmo ingredients like i said 80 percent of food are Gmo's and pesticide food and products from food to skin care and etc.even lip stick to almost everything.but as i was saying use your energy wisely go outdoors,get some exercise,have fun but cautious and aware of things.also do not waste your time watching T.V like the mainstream media news,what's happening in the world,politics,the latest technology and etc they are distractions and maybe even traps put into place.but put your energy like into love,fun,positive emotions and experiences.remember you have so much inner power,inner strength,unlimited potential and more.when something happens in the news don't look like mainstream media news.turn the other way around and focus on your energies and that of your love ones that's what matters the most.be grateful for the sunny days all types of day remember its the type of day that matters or the climate its the personality and your way of perception.for example its a sunny day no clouds right but if your attitude is focus on bad things only its going to be a ****ty day to begin with.also don't pay attention to what famous people are doing or wearing or done or said just another distraction as well.

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