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Grow your own Organic and no Gmo free foods people!

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 09 September 2013 · 439 views

Organic free foods and drinks that's what its all about.There has never been a better and more important  reason to Plant and grow your own Organic foods fruits and veggies in your own backyard and own house people,star seeds and light workers. Ask yourself would you rather eat food you grow yourself knowing what went in there and what's not in there? or would you rather take a chance with your health and more than just that?  personally am going to tell you i would go with the 1st one!!!why?what do you  mean why? because its your health at risk and that of your families as well and loved one s you care about and much more than too. I will just say it you are hurting yourself's by eating Gmo Foods and conventional foods!!! your hurting yourselfs in more than physical health but also spiritually your spiritual health and soul health.whether you believe me or not living things have souls and s alive it has a spirit whatever you choose to call it that's your choice.i simply don't care what you wish to call it :). Also the biggest culprit and criminal is Monzanto that biggest corporation in the world that hates life and humanity and living things in Good old Planet Earth.they simply do not care about Earth or life in general any type of life.they are trying to BAN GMO labeling meaning you won't know it something is non Gmo or if it is! this is going to affect globally not just just in certain places.its like a type of bill that is secretive and above the law as well.they do not want to eat healthy and more.they are trying to harm us slowly but kill us from within so we depend on their More poisonous medicines and so called doctors.don't believe me that's your choice me i would rather be safe than sorry and prepared as much as possible people and more.take a stand now b4 its too late.be hopeful,alert,cautious,prepared,alert and aware of what is happening with foods,water and etc things that truly matter and more. Don't worry about about celebrities what they have on that's in fashion and etc.**** them worry about yourselfs and your health now not later!!!they are nothing to you these famous people.you worhip them like gods worship your selfs not them!you think they care about you?no of course not they only want your attention and your power by worshipping them as gods and etc.keep doing that and you'll see.

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