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EGO is it real or just a western creation?

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 19 September 2013 · 311 views

I been thinking these days of what is in reality the what most or some people call the "EGO" really is is it a creation of the western side of the world or is it real? i am not sure to be honest and i am still searching for that answer among many things in my life.another thing that has been getting in my way is this lately i been having negative energies and thoughts plaguing me not sure why.i suspect because i forcefully tried to change myself way too fast and not at my own pace as well.but now its plaguing me and does not leave alone.i have gotten my answer the negative energy inside that i want gone once and for all.but back to the EGO does it really exist or just another western creation?i think its real although i think it could be false so in reality i am neutral in this topic or subject.i would like to reduce the earth human ego if does exist in reality.if it does not then well its not real easy as that.so i done some research enough but still doing more lately again and most say the ego does exist but i also learned that popular just because most people believe it exist does not make it real or truth either.in other words popular opinion that what they call it in today's society.popular opinion refers to most people believe because they told "facts" or most people are told its true what the case.i have heard that the ego is from like maybe 2 people here its not real and that the eastern side of the world like India,china and etc say our so called ego is really just us or the soul ego what i choose to call it.i don't have enough information or knowledge about this topic at the moment.but what i do know though is the ego cannot ever be perfect its always has to prove itself to people or etc,it keeps us here in the 3D Matrix this fake illusion like the matrix and it always has to be right and etc.that's what i know yet.but where can i get reliable honest information on the "Earth human EGO"?

Sep 20 2013 12:37 AM
Maybe what we call the ego is the feeling of the "me" as separate from the "you". Isn't this an illusion? Aren't we all fundamentally the same, and this imaginary ego thing is what falsely separates us?
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Starseed hybrid 1111
Sep 23 2013 08:38 PM
yes we are all connected and come from the same source the creator the true creator that created almost everything.while we have the same things like powers and abilities and etc we are still unique,one of a kind and special in our ways what we like and believe and etc.but yes we are the same in a lot of ways though.race is just an illusion really and a way to separate us apart and fight among each other. hope this helps.
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