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fluoride in foods

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 05 October 2013 · 230 views

did you know there is fluoride in food?sadly yes there is.i have dome some research many sites say the same thing.so what do i suggest is do be very careful and avoid or a least limit process foods from what i personally read they have the most fluoride but do not fear.i say this because its nothing to be scared about but to be very careful the thing is its almost in all foods now these days.its in fruits and veggies as well although the great and good news is that they contain very low levels of it though not saying that even a little bit is good though you know.i got this from my dreams and i researched it as well.like always if you have a job i highly recommend planting your own truly organic home based garden.from my point of perspective i personally say start with the most high risk potential fruits and veggies.and then plant whatever else you desire.but back to fluoride the negative side effects are it can cause cancer,bone malnutrition or it weakens the bones and it affects the pineal gland the most in fact its attracted to it like a magnet.some solutions i also did my own research and i came across some information personally the sun helps and cleanses our pineal gland and our body!:)i stay out in the sun for 1 hour personally a day.another thing i recommend is you could buy your own organic seeds fruit and veggie seeds and plant them at home planting and going organic is much cheaper than most people think in fact you'll be saving yourself in my opinion like close to 50 percent on fruits and veggie produce and the best thing you know what went in there and whats not in there.also another thing you can do to greatly reduce if not eliminate is get a high quality reverse osmosis water based system its also much cheaper than one thinks.in fact you can buy one in amazon.com a 7 step reverse osmosis water system which removes like 95 percent of all non healthy materials and etc and it removes all fluoride yeah baby lol.its only like 230 dollars. you can try leaving water in the sun if you want use the sun energy to cleanse the water although in my opinion it takes kinda long for me personally.also be careful for poisonous foods including some organic process foods.i mean to be honest i eat some process foods myself but limit it as much as possible in other ill buy some but leave them for special occasions you know.but limit them though or if you want make them at home better like organic home made pizza and etc. by planting your own organic fruit and veggie garden you'll be taking back your power and health isn't that worth it? but yeah sadly most things have it though.but one can cleanse oneself and greatly reduce this though and do so many things though i am being honest here as well about what i saying.if i find more ways ill put them in another blog and or you can ask or better yet do your own research and methods:)think for yourself have a nice day all:)also boiling water to remove the fluoride does not work in fact it makes it more stronger and more concentrated.freezing does not nothing either.toothpaste has fluoride most if not all mainstream media toothpaste you can buy all natural toothpaste go organic as well or you can eat apples it cleans teeth the fiber and it cleans your insides as well.the other bad thing about fluoride it dumbs the people down lowers I.Q and calcifies the pineal gland or third eye same thing.

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