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Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 28 October 2013 · 201 views

i am coming up with my own research right and through my own personal experience that everything is energy i known that for some time actually but i am realizing how foods and our surroundings affect our vibrations and energy fields.hownegative people like real negative people like people full or filled with hate,negativity,racism and etc anything that really negative that is.the truth is not negative just to make that clear though.in fact what i want to say is that what we eat we become what we think we also become,what we fear comes to reality and etc.i know this from personal experiences of mine.if i think i'm doing good then i will be good in the way that well through positive reasons and non harmful ways of course then ill feel good you know.another good example of this from personal experience is this organic food vegan plant based all natural and non Gmo of course is really high Vibrational and healthy of course right?yes it is but like me even though i know this stuff i admit i'm still nervous and to some degree afraid why is this?because when one hears more bad news or looks at things from always a negative point of view or just focuses at what can harm someone then you become afraid then what happen?you lower your vibration down unless you are vibrating at high level frequency and maintain that then you won't fear nothing at all.so back to food right while i agree and accept that eating nothing but a organic raw vegan diet is the best in many ways of course i personally like cooked foods as well not all crazy of course but i do i reduce it though.process foods like chips are not high vibratioanlly i admit that but i don't believe either that they are unhealthy like for example soy milk soy and vegan cheese you know.yes they are process but they do contain energy though how much not sure but i do not think it lowers our energy fields a lot though i personally consider it neutral now there is a way that i could think of at the moment though you can greatly balance it though.on a food plate eat more raw foods plant based and organic and all natural like fruits and vegetables like a 70 percent and 30 percent cooked food and there you have it you can still eat some process food not chips but like fake meat and soy burgers and etc.or you ca start 60 percent raw food vegan diet and 40 percent cooked and move up.our energies can be affected by many things but we can maintain them though high.also? people from a high vibratioanly speaking wise do not get sick!.why?they are vibrating at higher levels that disease cannot hurt them or harm them.i believe it as well and from my own research it confirms it as well.

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