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Dear light workers,star seeds and all of humanity alike.

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 15 November 2013 · 321 views

Please Support


organic farmers in your area and small organic to

mid size

organic farmers.ask yourself's this before and when your at the stores like the supermarkets!.ask yourself this who has our best interest at heart the small local organic farmers to mid size organic farmers or the big wealthy corporations like Wal-mart or even safeway and there are many others of course which i like by the way but i really have ask myself this.who really cares more and at heart?the ones after your money like Walmart the biggest one of them all or a local farmers market?that is a no Brainer people i choose and common sense tells me the local small organic farmer does.so what i am here saying please support the organic movement help it grow and expand and become stronger than ever!!!.help it stay alive and more.or would you rather one day find out that there is no safe food to eat anymore because and sorry for these words but these rich corporations these big *******s and son of b****es they will do what they can to stop and even take control of the organic movement and food sources.what does this mean that well like the saying goes whoever controls the food sources controls the people!.i mean ask yourself this would you eat poisonous meal filled with mercury,pesticides and other chemicals?hey mom and dad what for dinner?well son and daughter we have Gmo corn filled with more pesticides along with side dish of more Gmo Papaya and the main dish fish filled with Mercury and toxins produced by man.wow mom and dad that sounds delicious and safe to eat!.i didn't know how much you care about our health mom and dad.lets imagine a world with all Gmo Food and pesticides wow i can imagine that an let me tell its not pretty at all.well this is what these mega wealthy corporations want to do where they control all food resources in order for us to heavily rely and depend on them for everything this is just one part of the new world order people.but don't listen to me i am just a nut right lol JK that's me just being funny:). the mega corporations want to gain total control of

organic food

sources by one method attacking small family owned farmers and the organic movement by wow increasing the taxes,prices and fees up to the point that they either have to raise their prices super high or pretty much run out of business and then no more organic food!!!.this is part of the new world agenda total control agenda.one of many plans and agendas they have in stored for all us not the few.i mean is it really that hard to go organic people and support them?ironic and sad at the same time the very same people and the president of the FDA was former Monsanto attorney and worker at some point.so the very same people who used to work with Monsanto work in the FDA i don't see this a coincidence and mistake.they are smart people and very dangerous.and they hide behind the very same so called agencies that claim to protect us from food poisoning to anything really almost not all but most though.support organic family owned companies to local farmers market to small to mid size organic farmers to help them stay in business and alive.but also like i keep saying planting your own organic is the best way to go.go a least vegetarian people but i don't reccomend it still to be honest more than honest but rather go vegan its not limited as one thinks believe me people.

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Beware, simply because something is grown on a small local farm does not mean it isn't heavily sprayed with pesticides or they don't use synthetic fertilizers. They want to get the best yields from their crops too. We know many local farmers and when someone asks if they are organic they will of course say it is when I know for a fact it isn't. Certified organic is no guarantee either. We grew organic shiitake mushrooms and to get a certificate the inspector came out, asked us how we repelled pests, charged us $200 and we never saw them again. They don't do any follow-ups or inspections so we could have used anything without any repercussions.

Not to burst your bubble just FYI.
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