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Vitamin D

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 30 November 2013 · 366 views

Are you low on Vitamin D?are you not getting enough and confused or don't where to get the best form and free Vitamin D?how about the sun its free and feels greatly amazing feeling the nice and warmth of the ever caring and loving nurturing Father sun the giver of light and energy.because i will tell you this i go out in the sun right to get not just vitamin D but because the sun i can truly say it feels amazingly good.the warmth and just being outside getting away from technology which i like i won't lie but i happily admit that without mother nature technology would not exist.in fact without the sun itself gives energy to mother nature herself,to us and all lifeforms.so nature and the sun and planet we rely on it and take that away we wouldn't it have anything at all.but Vitamin D from the sun is the best and best of all is free!!!.so its a win win situation you get more than just Vitamin D but you get energy from the sun and more things that i don't know of.i ain't talkingabout skin cancer either just to make that clear.i read that you just need a least 15-20 minutes but i suggest 1 hour maximum total and do not wear sunblock either.the name says it all sun+block=sun energy repellent.how do you know or find out if your low on Vitamin D?simple it does not take a rocket scientist to tell you!.lol for example you feel depressed.but at the same take other factors into account that could be causing one's depression symptoms.but since we are talking about Vitamin D well lets stick to that.and the answer is your low in Vitamin D intake and levels as well.your not eating the right foods which are high in vitamin D which i say are plant based foods.since they are in the sunlight all day well i can't think of better sources besides the sun to get it from.while some Plant based foods may have more than others i admit all have it even if some so called experts say they don't.i do not proclaim to know it all or that i am a "expert".i do though feel and know i am very informed and knowledgeable in many areas i do not claim to be a expert though.Vitamin D why is it so special?for one thing our bodies need it to make use i believe of the calcium we drink from if you drink milk from cows which i don't recommend but if you still do well vitamin will better help to absorb that calcium and transfer it to the bones.to it prevents depression.because if we are low on vitamn D we are more prone to depression.i believe i know about depression.but except my reason and my cause for being depressed i know its not for being low on vitamin D its because i always try and force myself to be like someone else.i don't this for you to feel sorry for me because its all me all my fault.so there are many other factors that could lead to depression though but vitamin D and not having enough is one of the biggest cause combine that in my case with trying to be like other people well not healthy at all.vitamin d you can also get from vitamin stores but do not buy nutritional stores like amazon.com there has been recently a article that says that amazon has allowed and still allowing fake nutritional supplements so if you decide to buy supplements buy from the vitamin Stores directly.and watch out for vitamins there is a lot of them that could and have contained Gmo Ingredients.buy plant based vitamin supplements and organic if possible i say possible because i don't know personally if there are organic supplemts like in pill form.also i have to say supplements are just that supplements you can't replace foods rich in vitamin D for just a pill remember food has many important nutrients and etc that work together and more naturally stronger too.another useful site is organicjar.com

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