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I am a Pagan Christian


Obliterate Religion?

Posted by SpiritWriter , 09 November 2014 · 462 views

Obliterate Religion?

Religion isn’t bad if you know the purpose for why your using it. I have my own religion and I love it. Many people now a days act like religion is a bad thing. It really depends on how you look at it. If you are bound and being controlled by man or a...


Spirit Animals

Posted by SpiritWriter , 16 March 2014 · 402 views
seal spirit animal
Just felt like sharing because I am really feeling strongly about seals being a spirit animal for me. I have had lucidish spirit animal events and have other reasons for making certain animals part of my team, but I was just sitting here thinking about the dream manifestation I had of a seal a few months ago and how it was the most vivid animal experience...


defining God

Posted by SpiritWriter , 29 January 2014 · 275 views

A corporate god is undefined without prejudicial interpretations from man, although contemplated much and proven in the hearts and minds of most, remains a mystery and above understanding. A personal god is for the self but is not seperate from the whole, rather the link and the glimpse to understanding. So that the interpretation remains true it is the God...



Posted by SpiritWriter , 27 January 2014 · 408 views
walking on water
I recently started a thread titled: My pastor said the bible is false

In truth I only titled it that way because what I wanted to title it wouldn't fit, the truth is that he said: The bible is not an actual historical document and that anyone who thinks it is based on actual history has been bamboozled.

The following is a post I shared today on that...


on speaking from The Spirit

Posted by SpiritWriter , 13 November 2013 · 367 views

This is the response I wrote to myself out of lack of responses to a poetry group I belong to. I notice that within certain groups , many personalities are put off by the subject of addressing the spiritual life but I believe it is something all people must have some interest in. So many people also censor their own reactions to the ideas being presented to...



Posted by SpiritWriter , 17 October 2013 · 605 views
seagull meditation and 1 more...
One of my main spirit animals are birds, some types of birds are special to me for different reasons but I do consider all sorts of birds my spirit animals. A few years back, well quite a few years now I was down at the park near a lake ridge over looking a mountain. This is a symbolic part of the park for me as I have begun many of my prayer walks there...


Response to an Atheists propoganda

Posted by SpiritWriter , 30 September 2013 · 405 views
My response to an Atheist propaganda post about not praying: The promoters stance was that one shouldn't pray and that we do not need god, but instead be a friend and be helpful.


We can do more than pray and as a matter of fact we should. Faith without works is dead. But the power of prayer is very real. We do need God. Can I be truthful and say...


Why choose religion?

Posted by SpiritWriter , 19 September 2013 · 275 views

I typed this on a forum thread but decided to turn my response into a blog entry.

Cheers all :)


Religion is a practice that one finds in order to bring spiritual wealth, balance, goodness and a connection to "the heavenly realms, etc..." into their life. Through its practice, practitioners do find some truth that is outstanding....


Am I retarded to believe in the Abrahamic God?

Posted by SpiritWriter , 13 September 2013 · 1,101 views

This is the second time this week I had to tell somebody "I am not retarded" because I believe in God. I put the "Abrahamic God" in the title just because so many people trip off of that, yeah I believe in the same God Abraham did, they probably used to call him retarded too.

Someone on this site actually said that being a monotheist...


Everything is changing am I still a Christian?

Posted by SpiritWriter , 10 September 2013 · 355 views
god is real
Why of course I am!


The stories of the scripture indeed are prophetic and God breathed. We have to interpret it for ourselves and know Christ for ourselves and be in the Spirit of God. Christianity is seen in a negative light because of several reasons but the main reason I believe is because of the ego all mindkind shares, no matter what he calls...

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