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Everything is changing am I still a Christian?

Posted by SpiritWriter , 10 September 2013 · 397 views

god is real
Why of course I am!


The stories of the scripture indeed are prophetic and God breathed. We have to interpret it for ourselves and know Christ for ourselves and be in the Spirit of God. Christianity is seen in a negative light because of several reasons but the main reason I believe is because of the ego all mindkind shares, no matter what he calls himself.

There is a separation between man and God (or the power of God) even within the church, perhaps it is the way it has been taught in certain institutions, but also it is because man refuses to believe in God, or believe in the powers that Christ says is available to us.

I recently heard about Jesus communicating with someone who had never been introduced to Christianity or had read the scriptures. Did Jesus' name have to be Jesus in order for this to happen? What if he came to him as another source, just as we can receive the Holy Spirit in a variety of ways? It is all the matter of what you believe and how that is exemplified in your life.

The scriptures give you a map on how to get close to God. I am not an expert by any means but I have not really seen many other religions that do this in the same fashion. Even if they can accomplish the same empowerment,it cannot excel the empowerment of Christianity, nor does it diminish the actual power of Christ.

There is nothing wrong with being a Christian, but if you call yourself that you should know why and what that means, you need to define that for yourself. I know why I am a Christian, but I also see why many others out there struggle with the concept of Christ and see the religion in a harsh manner. The Holy Spirit does assist us with our understanding and we continue to grow into that Christ like figure. Remember, Christ was not Jesus' name, but it is who he is and was, but even still he said "Greater things you will do than what I have done."

There is much good teaching within Christianity. Old and New Testament. The trick is to interpret it for yourself using your right mind, under the anointing of the spirit of God and to put in to practice those things taught and which convict us in our spirit.

Yes, Christianity is told in parables and stories, we have parables and stories of our very own lives and Christ is NOT the only one who has suffered. We have suffered, our mothers and fathers have suffered, all of our family members have suffered and died for us. There are stories of this same tragedy that took hold of even other Goddesses and Gods.

Does the fact that these other stories exist nullify Christ? Not at all and they certainly don't disprove God. We can see that God is real because of the things that He does and we know that he is a mystery.

To be caught up in arguing scripture does not bring us closer to God and those who wish to contend it, a. are a needed progressive group (for the purpose of softening a dieing religion) b. have a hell of a time really facing god (as are most Christians). alternatively Christians are still needed to fight that last battle that was promised them and to hold firm to the end.

Just because things are changing doesn't mean God isn't real and doesn't mean that the power of Jesus has not abounded for all this time. Yes, all those people in the church houses for all those centuries, were really getting saved and filled with the Holy Ghost and He's always been performing miracles. Every-day, Every-day.

This is not to discount any other religion. I am merely giving Christianity its props. Jesus is real.

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