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Response to an Atheists propoganda

Posted by SpiritWriter , 30 September 2013 · 454 views

My response to an Atheist propaganda post about not praying: The promoters stance was that one shouldn't pray and that we do not need god, but instead be a friend and be helpful.


We can do more than pray and as a matter of fact we should. Faith without works is dead. But the power of prayer is very real. We do need God. Can I be truthful and say that this sort of atheist propaganda seems weird.... I know a lot of Atheists and they barely ever mention God and they do not discourage others from praying. You don't have to pray, but do not take away someone else’s blessings. I have stopped praying before, and as soon as I started again I saw the reward and regret ever listening to the person who told me not to pray. It was a mistake. This is my propaganda: never stop praying, and never stop being a friend.

White Crane Feather
Oct 01 2013 02:49 PM
Atheist propaganda and rhetoric doesn't really have as much bite as some people think. Even their champions are full of logical and scientific errors.  Outspoken/militant atheists are really simply pseudo skeptics and cynics, the only truly reasonable scientific position is one of agnosticism.
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Atheist are very emotional and actually know little of the experience of faith, or of the faith of anyone actually.

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