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Posted by Parahuntress13 , 04 May 2013 · 359 views

Greetings paranormal community. I am new to this blog site, but no stranger to the parea Ever since a young age I have been fascinated by the world of paranormal and supernatural. I love all things weird and unexpalined. I have been a paranormal investigator and researcher for 5 years. My team deals with not only ghosts and spiritual hauntings, but also cryptids and other unexpalined phenonmena. After countless enounters with the paranormal as a child, I took my interest into a passion. My team travels the world to investigate spiritual hauntings and research cryptid sightings and encouncters.

  Here is the link to my team's Facebook page: https://www.facebook...searchGrouppirg

Good luck with your investigations! I'm not sure if it's benefical to encounter a ghost but hope you see one ;)
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