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Pyramid Power

Posted by Mikko-kun , 05 May 2013 · 802 views

pyramid electricity gold holy geometry
Disclaimer notice: I'm not out here to prove these things to anyone, just giving out an interesting and entertairning theory that I've not seen debunked yet. Maybe now though, feel free to do so.

Pyramids, gold and Vatican. What those three have in common? Vatican has gold, gold is an electricity-inductor, and pyramids are said to have been built as electricity power plants which work when you put gold on top of them to complete their form in the uppest tip. That's as far as I understood it.

The aftereffects:

Possible source:

Make your own mini-pyramid power-source (incomplete instructions):

In the past these might've been used to beam up a potential astronomical killer-cloud to space, a cloud that has said to be drifted to our solar system now, and may be wreaking havoc as we speak. It might not kill us nor even make trouble for us, who knows, but you've probably seen the news about that gigantic storm in Saturn.

Now, not earlier than this but now, is the point when I will engage in a purely speculative, hypothetical talk. Expect no evidence and links in the first place from this particular blog, because it's the Mad Theories blog, but I say this because you'll know that as far as I know, I've conjured this up in my head and just regard it a possibility. So what I'm about to say, I've not seen mentioned anywhere as far as I remember.
So, if pyramids can beam up electricity and send electricity through air, and if mind control were possible to do through electricity-beaming of some sort (yes the 30-page topic of PrometheusLocke, I remember it but to me it's not conclusive proof that it's impossibe), then could the Arc of the Covenant be used like that? Or another object of gold? I ask this because conspiracy theories about gold-hoarding by vatican and others for any alleged reasons are not a new thing. Also due to energy that are in different shapes, like many squares inside each other in the second link of this entry (barry/paramids). The angles and shapes matter in astrology, and astrology is the language of universal influences. It's basic established laws dictate that angles and shapes matter.

Who knows.

Mar 24 2014 10:49 PM
I have a pic I drawn similar to this. About the pyramids being a multi use powerplant and hot water supply to the users of it. Having trouble trying to put pick up. If ur interested in seeing could! U help me to figure out how to upload it ty. Newby
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Might wanna watch that before posting any photos online. If you're not concerned or have security things already satisfactory for you, then for actually how to post an image online here:

First: open it up on paint, and choose "save as" and use ".jpg" format because that's the most accepted one in my experience.
Second, go to an image uploading page like https://imageshack.com/ , sign up or register, and upload the image. Or alternatively, you might be able to attach the image file to your post as an attachment but I think that only works in private messages, not here.
Third, if you uploaded the image somewhere, copy the link of the image's link, and before closing the imageshack page or whichever page you used to upload it, be sure to check whether the image link works by opening a new tab in your internet browser and pasting the image address. To paste the image address, copy it by right-clicking the image you uploaded in the page you uploaded it to, like in imageshack when you've uploaded it there, right-click and choose "copy image URL" or "copy image's address". Then paste that, ctrl + c on the new browser tab, to test it.
If the pasting works and image shows when paste, copy the link here by using the Image button in this chat menu, it's 4th from the right.
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