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Mad Theories

Posted by Mikko-kun , 09 May 2013 · 221 views

me madness you
The thing about hypothetic theories is, they're fun as long as they might be true and sound somewhat credible, and when they might open new vistas into our worldviews. Crushing the old views or parts of them is a part of the process that's to be undergone, but when that happens, it's good to remember that there's a time and a place for everything. And that everything seems credible when you look at it from certain light, so it's understandable to be wrong.
We might like to entertairn ourselves with the possibilities of pre-10000bc civilizations, hollow earth theories, ghosts and whatnot, anything more or less credible to each one of us, and while following a ghost theory for example might be a dead end (I believe it's not), you can come across some profound insights that'll still enlighten your view of the world, like different views on reincarnation and on NDEs. So while the theory itself might be doomed to fail, I still give them a chance for this very reason. But also because it's interesting to see where exactly does the cardhouse fall apart if it does, where there's a little crack in that theory someone might've thought to be solid. That crack can often be a source of enlightment too, like an insight on physics you didn't realise was there before.

So I say chase those unicorns! Chase them... but I dont chase unicorns, because I dont believe in them. Mocking each other's believes is bad because it takes away motivation from the above possibilities. Testing them and even taunting at times may be good, though I'd refrain with taunting in most times, but it's one thing to test faith and another to put it down "just because". If you want to attack the person, just do so and drop the pretext. It's so simple. Personal chemistries going awry is different from seeing no sense in one's theory. Both can go awry and produce sparks, dont be afraid of them. But no need to go and light everything up with those sparks, bloody pyromaniacs hehe.

And one thing regarding this blog. I'm not here to prove anything to anyone. If you dont find my theories credible, fine, I dont back them up 100% either probably. But I want to make sure you know I post them mainly due to their entertairnment value as well as in case someone's interested in going after them. So disclaimer notice: any other entries in this particular blog may have veeeery little truth value to them, tread at your own responsibility. I dont intend to bore you with something I know ain't true so just feel free to give me any hint why it might not be true, you'd be doing me and anyone else a favor. No need to post links nor make big posts if you dont feel like it to back yourself up here. Can't have a good conversation if everyone keeps their guard up all the time.

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