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Day 1 of 21

Posted by Sakari , 08 May 2013 · 390 views

To get caught up, one has to read the thread. it is long, and has been going on for 3 years. Someone has finally come in and posted in public that they have had ghosts summoned to me. This is a first on this, and I appreciate it. Now, it is out of my hands, someone else has established a claim, and gone through with it.

I will link to that point of the thread :   http://www.unexplain...45#entry4763857

I apologize for the in between childish replies you may see there. Try to just filter through those. I have managed to get some big time haters from this, taking it to a personal level, why I do not know. That is off topic anyway, and will be ignored.

One of the haters managed to upset the person that is making this claim, and he says he has left the topic. He did start the 21 day ritual, or claims to have. I did ask for details, but have yet to receive any. I have PM'd him and asked him to come back, and just ignore the redundent bashing posts.

Another member familiar in this type of religion explained what this is :


21 days is significant to the pantheon of the spirits he has made his request to.
This is a constant number of days,within this specific pantheon

So, I will report out every day what I did for that day. If anything happens I will report it, if nothing happens, I will report that.

Some say I will just lie and say nothing happened, even if it did. I guarantee that is not the case, and really is a stupid comment. I want something to happen. I want to be able to have a University look at these things and have some evidence for them.I would also like to be that person that has evidence. I would get this mainstream, and make it legitimate. And yes, there would be some financial gain also. That would just be natural. I would also like to see these things be real, I do not believe they are, but it sure would be cool wouldn't it?  I would turn into that " believer ", and be posting on this site in defense of those claims, with evidence.

So, this started May 7th.

1st Day.

I woke up at 10:30 AM. Fixed a screen door, bid on a few items on ebay, and spent some time with the wife.

Left for work at 3 PM. I work from 4 pm to 3 am every day, Monday through Friday. I drive 38 miles one way to work. The drive was typical, with more tourists in my way now, but a normal drive to work.

Work was the same, nothing out of the ordinary. I drive a Hyster 2 days a week, and run a deck saw 2 days a week. Both at a large lumber mill.

I drove the Hyster yesterday all shift. It gets very dark there at around 9pm, and the " back forty " has no lighting. There is a old house early 1900's late 1800's that I go to for my smoke break. No one out at midnight, nor 2 in the morning. Could be creepy to some I imagine. I did have this on my mind the entire time, but there was no difference in my routine, or my life.

My 2Am smoke break I took a pic of the house. I took other pictures, such as my drive home, but nothing to bother posting about, other then how dark and creepy it can be.

Attached Image

After work, I had my 38 mile drive home on Highway 101 in the dark. No traffic at all, put the cruise on 65, and keep foot on brake. I always keep a very good eye out for deer all the way home.

Got home at 345AM. Checked my email and read a few topics, went to bed.

I woke up at 1130 AM, and started this after checking the topic, and sending a PM. No drams that I can remember. So, I am now on the second day and will report out tomorrow how it went.

I also want to note, I talk to my wife on the phone at least 3 times before she goes to bed around midnight. She knows nothing of this, and has nothing out of the ordinary to say in our conversations. In other words, no bumps in the night.

I truly am not sure what I am supposed to experience, as the details were never mentioned, or given yet.

Well, off to work soon, and my 2nd day.

I think I can see eyes in the photo.....they are imitating lights!
Does the madness thing come into it yet or is it too early?

Will check into your progress and will inform you of any noticeable changes in your typing habits which you may not be aware of. eg: spontaneous swearing or laughter.
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All joking aside, I am, and will take this seriously. I may not believe, but I do want to know why others do.
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ouija ouija
May 08 2013 09:41 PM
I suppose it's possible that the effect could be very subtle i.e not white sheets floating around the bedroom saying 'wooooo' ...... something that you'll become aware of over time, maybe even years.
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This blog entry brought my attention to thread and what this blog is about.

I am intrigued to see how this plays out, but going by Felix's latest posts within the thread it seems he has bowed out and called the whole thing off.

Without Felix commenting again that he is actually doing what he stated he would it leaves me feeling that this whole 21 day episode isn't what it was initially established to be.

We need Felix to let it be known that he and/or his friends are actually carry out what was initially stated.

I know he said in one post that "the 21 days starts tonight," but his posts following that implied he will not go through with things.

So although the "21 days" started, we haven't been provided enough information to know if that's all it takes to make this work, or if there is "maintenance" that needs to be ongoing throughout the 21 day period to really make it Felix's claims play out as initially indicated.
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I'm with Left-Field, Felix said it was done then in his last statement withdrew and basically said nothing was done or would happen.

I've tried to ask questions as I don't know what he practices so I guess it will be a waiting game to see if he replies back.
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He posted it was a done deal...A ritual or whatever had taken place, and it is 21 days....

He has not answered me to his previous posts. What sucks, the people that upset him are people that dispise me, and believe these things are real. They should have been backing him up, and me. I am sure of the motives to that, but will wait to post that thought.

I will continue as if this ritual has happened, as it was stated, until I hear otherwise.

Can someone summon spirits, then call them and say " nevermind" ?
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My thoughts aren't about if someone can summon them and then say "never mind," but rather if the 21 day "practice" is something that requires an individual "speaking" to the spirits throughout the entire 21 days in order to have anything truly materialize.

Right now, considering how Felix left things, I can't say that this 21 day process holds any weight.

I realize that wasn't your choosing Sakari, but it is the reality. There is no way you can do this 21 days and should nothing happen place any weight upon considering Felix has seemed to bail on what he said he was going to do.
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