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Day 2 of 21

Posted by Sakari , 09 May 2013 · 281 views

I am not sure about bothering with this anymore. Anyone who has read the topic knows what I am talking about. This is really the normal for these topics. When that rare time comes that someone is very sure about their belief, and guarantees they can prove it, they end up backing out when the time to put up comes.

We were all told the ritual had been performed, and the 21 days had started. Now, a new entry with the normal claims of " I decided now is not the time for people to see this " happened. This happens in all of the topics when the time to prove something is there.

I have PM'd the person, and left replies in the topic, so have others.

So, I will go with the fact they said the 21 days had started, even though no details were given.

Day 2 :

10:30 AM....
Woke up and blogged day 1.

Bid on a few items on ebay.

12:00 PM
Sat on the deck with the wife and enjoyed the nice weather.

2:30 PM
Drove to work.

3:30 PM to 3 Am
Worked in the deck saw all shift, had a good run, listened to Howard Stern.

Drove home from work.

3:45 AM
Got home, ate a brownie with ice cream and hot fudge.Checked the topic and saw the latest news.

Went to Bed.

1200 AM
Woke up, ate a sandwich, came here.No dreams to remember.

So, again, another normal day for me. Nothing out of the ordinary. Today is my Friday, so hoping my shift goes by fast, and the good weather stays for the weekend. Golf and a BBQ Saturday.

I back up my belief to astrology, ain't seen anyone debunk it yet, but just refine it in some cases. But that's different from what you're handling here, you're after something everyman can't seem to replicate so easily.

Sakari, if there's one thing I've observed from your case, it's that you shouldn't be easy to put down with mind-games and through mental influences, with things like that. And to my best understanding these are much based on your mental resistance, much on how vulnerable you are to them. Apart from a Tulpa-manifestation, manifesting something to life from pure thought energy (summoning demon if you like)... I've only heard one tidbit of that but seems it's much harder to reproduce that than a mental-game curse as you would put it. Harder to produce that Tulpa-phenomenon because it needs much more mental belief-power, more constant and more profound and natural than a curse of any sort. From my understanding, curse is a negative placebo in medical terms, like an insults to someone but transferred through means we regard more obscure and may hold scepticism towards to. So what I'm saying, you wont likely find a poltergeist or a demon unless you're dealing with a pro or a very devoted person. And curses, you might've already been targeted by them but probably didn't feel them because you're too dense to them. It's written all over your chart.

Sorry to get back to this even though you've heard this already, but I think it's just good to mention so you might know what you deal with. I'm not saying I know this Tulpa-thing, but from what I've heard I've much reason to believe it's like this. Sincerely,

Good luck man.
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