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Broken Heart

Posted by metaltania , 26 May 2013 · 650 views


Feeling alone and lost within my misery.

Of my shattered heart. For what I had all

elt at the one point in time, now it is lost within

the darkness of these shadows, lost for eternity.

It wont come back to me.  For I was happy, For the passion

and the fire of this was immense. Now it has died off gone away.

Don't like this feeling of me standing alone in the dark,

I am alone! I scream and cry my fists upon these dark broken walls.

In the darkness Is where I stand, Feeling lost.

For the one I had shattered my heart. I cried out to the dark lords,

Why punish of thee?

Why punish of thee?

I scream in despair not knowing of the reality that surrounds me,

Knowing this darkness has swallowed me whole.

Knowing this is what it has come to. Knowing

I am all alone yet again in this miserable world.

Not wanting to face reality no more.

\For yet my hearts still shattered.

For yet I had loved thee.

For I still love thee.

But Me heart still is shattered.

I stand alone in silence in the darkness of

these shadows that has been forcasted upon me.

~the end~

May 26 2013 09:48 AM
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