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Posted by metaltania , 21 June 2013 · 459 views

I was twice killed in the county jail, broke my heart close to your whispers, where I loved, where I drank away what was a sonnet to your skin, I needed the addiction, I needed it, it broke me from you, its easy as I will not remember anything tomorrow, I was calling to the serpents but got the digs, I missed you when I saw you driving away....needle in the vein, I’ll warm my bones
where graves smile only for thee, my fingers linger over wings, Death waits at the exit….
I wrote about your plans
I wrote where you went
I gave up when you paid at midnight…baby
Didn’t you want another sunrise…
Didn’t’ mean much to you, I was your stranger
We danced just before…..we fell into another kiss….
It’s easy to leave us here in silence
I had a kingdom to show you
I wrote 3 songs for you,
I now let the grass grow
The windows get dirty
If I had something to say then,
If maybe Love dreamed of you…..like I did,
Under the cloud of a violent grave
I’ll wipe the blood off my boots
I’ll change the curse to the treasure of daylight
Worry me where I sing in comfort
All my gold is spun into the dust of your dust
I’ll stitch your heart to mine
I’ll dream when you start to kiss me…

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