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Sean's Supernatural Speculations


Horror films, creepy games or scary stories. Which scare you the most?

Posted by SeanJPD , 23 August 2013 · 941 views

Hello! Thank you for looking at my post, I am interested as to whether you get more scared by horror films, games or books. I personally get more of a scare from films than anything else but I understand that people are different. Look forward to hearing from you.


Entry No.2: Some of my experiences. I would like to hear yours.

Posted by SeanJPD , 26 May 2013 · 530 views
paranormal, supernatural and 3 more...
What-o!! Thanks for looking at this blog, feel free to discuss below!

Well my first experience with the "paranormal" as they say, was in the form of a photograph. It was a picture of me but with a large white mist behind me. It could have been the lighting but it was in another picture in another room and a smaller one in another...


Entry No.1: Tell me the conspiracy theories you find most interesting or likely.

Posted by SeanJPD , 25 May 2013 · 511 views
conspiracy, discussion, sean and 2 more...
Okay this is my first entry and I am interested as to what conspiracy theories you find the most interesting and those you find the most likely. They can be about anything from global disasters to kids TV shows!



Welcome to my new public blog!

Posted by SeanJPD , 25 May 2013 · 393 views
supernatural, blog, welcome and 2 more...
Welcome to this blog! Here we will discuss a lot of things over time and I will tell you about any strange experiences I have had or do have in the future and would like you to do the same, I plan to regularly update this blog and do not hesitate to join in the discussion. Thank you for checking and the first official entry will be added soon when I can...

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