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Entry No.2: Some of my experiences. I would like to hear yours.

Posted by SeanJPD , 26 May 2013 · 533 views

paranormal supernatural experience discussion whato!
What-o!! Thanks for looking at this blog, feel free to discuss below!

Well my first experience with the "paranormal" as they say, was in the form of a photograph. It was a picture of me but with a large white mist behind me. It could have been the lighting but it was in another picture in another room and a smaller one in another picture. These were taken at a supposedly haunted location with sightings of apparitions reported. There was another in a cemetery and it was what people so like to call a shadow person, it was a silhouette behind a locked gate and behind a church in which the locked gate was protecting. It was running behind the church then ran behind it and wasn't there anymore.

Somewhat later on, perhaps 3 years later I had another experience with these "shadow people", a figure at my bedside as I woke up however it was gone shortly after I woke up so I assume it was an image from my subconscious mind leaking into reality. I have caught pictures of orbs and mist at another haunted location while doing a small investigation with my sister, an audio recording there also held a whisper which sounded of a foreign language. That is all that comes to memory with regards to strange experiences.

Please post your own below, I would be very interested to read them!

I have many experiences with the paranormal especially at cemeteries, It was fun. Orbs, Mists, Lights, Oddities all around me in photo's stuff that made my hair stand up. :)
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Ah really? That is interesting, would you care to tell me what the strangest photo was?
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May 29 2013 04:52 AM
my first experience with the "paranormal" was 15 years ago. at first i didn't think much of it but it sure was scary. well it first started as a dream where i would dream of my driving my car and my bf would throw my cat at my car and all i would see was red blood. well i had the same dream for a whole week. well the following Monday i was driving to school when i saw an accident on the road, cops were already at the scene so i kept driving. later that day i learned that it was my grandfather who died at that accident. well when i went to see his car, there was a lot of blood on the driver side. just like in my dream...in recent years I've had weird dreams where i can't see the people who get hurt but i know someone will get hurt...my greatest experience was 3 years ago, it first started when i would hear children running and laughing in my living room, at that time all my kids were in school. well it went on for months that i would here that and it would always scare me. well then it stopped one night when my hubby and i were laying in bed and i was awaken by my shattering window when i looked up it stopped so i thought it was the wind. then all of a sudden my clothes in my closet started moving then my mirror shook at that moment i woke my hubby up cuz i was terrified just then my door, which was closed moved and the doorknob kept turning as if someone was trying to get in. at that moment my husband jumped out of bed to open the door and all of sudden we heard loud running footsteps. my husband quickly ran towards the living room and found nothing. we checked every room and saw nothing. after that night i was awaken every night at exactly 3:17 am for some reason. but on February 28, 2010 i was awaken at that exact time by a voice calling my name. the thing was that my entire house was on fire. the good thing the voice woke me up in time to get my family out. to this day i wonder who woke me up.
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That is one hell of a list of experiences. What caused the fire?
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