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Divination in daily life

Posted by pantodragon , 06 June 2013 · 496 views

Divination works.  Full stop.  I cannot now imagine living without using divination: my health would suffer, I would not have access to the insights and understanding about people and the world about me that I do now (and that I did not have previously) and much more besides.

By divination I mean: dream interpretation, interpretation of signs and portents, interpretation of oracle/tarot card readings, of events that happen to me and so on and so forth.

I wrote this yesterday, but last night I had a dream which pointed out some extremely important omissions.  Below I describe some benefits of divination, but I did not make clear what is required in order to be able to do divination.  First, you need to want to know the truth, no matter where it takes you, no matter how unpalatable it will be, you MUST hold truth above everything else --- this may mean giving up career, losing social status, inviting intellectual and social censure etc --- but you WILL fail if you falter in your adherence to truth.

Second; you must come alive.  Our world of science and academic intellectualism is a world of sensory deprivation; the intellect is all and the senses are allowed wither and die.  So you must bring your senses alive until you are in full sensory engagement with the world.

Third: you must develop detachment.  That is, you must refrain from taking things personally or even from being affected emotionally by what you do.

Finally, the major benefit is that you become gifted.  This is because you have to develop your mind such that it can do the things you want to do.  So, rather than using computers, say, you allow your mind to develop the abilities you require.  Thus you become gifted.  For example, you will become gifted with foresight and with healing and you will have the ability to detect when a person is lying.  There are more many gifts you will develop.

Back to my original piece:

Although divination is a way of life for me, thus far I have not written about it; this is my first attempt.  Having had some difficulty organising my thoughts on the subject, I had a dream the other night which helped me (thus revealing one of the functions of divination: to help you with projects you are working on).  I will use this dream as a worked example, interpreting some of the main points about divination that it raised.

Note, however, there are many reasons why readers will not have the first idea about how the following interpretation is arrived at.  In the first place, you would have to have some familiarity with the language of dreams.  Dream language is not like, say, French or German, which can be learned by memorisation and which uses symbols.  Dream language is a language of metaphor, so to use it, one must have the ability to interpret metaphors. But, to quote from Lord of the Rings and Galadriel: “some things which should not have been forgotten were lost”.  That is, people’s minds have degraded to such an extent that they have lost the ability to think using metaphor.  There is hope, however: one’s dreams can, and do, help one develop that ability.  Thus another function of dreams/divination is to help you develop your mind such as to enable you to interpret dreams.


I am accompanying a coach party to the Faeroe Islands.  Once on the islands, I intend leaving the party to travel alone. Upon reaching the customs area of the departure terminal I suddenly find myself with the coach party in the Faeroes (the method of travel is unclear, but making a journey of some sort is the important point).

The coach stops at several places.  In one I enter a wooden house and I see a woman dressed in Faeroese ethnic costume.  The last stop in the dream is at a bank which is in a tiny annexe of a wooden building.  I enter the bank to change money.  Some of the coach party, some teenage boys, enter with me.  Their behaviour is disruptive such that they are preventing me from exchanging money.  I evict them from the bank and am thus able to complete my business.


One key ability here, so lacking in people today and getting worse by the minute, is the ability to identify the significant from the mass of detail.  So, to interpret the dream, I need to be able to identify (a) what it is about and ( B) identify key aspects of the Faeroe Islands which are relevant to the topic of the dream.

Divination also depends a great deal on intuition.  One learns to work by intuition.  This is not the world of science or philosophy.  Using divination will, in fact, result in leaving the rational/logical mindset behind, moving on to a much more sophisticated way of thinking e.g. using intuition.  So, to the interpretation……….

Topic: divination --- the dream is describing some of the benefits of using divination.

Key aspects of the Faeroes:

1: I have been to the Faeroe Islands, which is a prompt to think about my personal experience of these islands. (Dream images, therefore, are very personal to the dreamer; they have no fixed/universal meaning --- and that’s a very hard one to get your head around when in this society your mind has been trained to run along tracks like a train, rather than allowed to grow and develop naturally.)

2: The Faeroes are islands – this interprets as self-sufficiency, individuality.

3: The Faeroes are still (I think) part of Denmark, although they want independence.  This interprets as, literally, independence.  Denmark is a country I associate with social conformity, therefore the Faeroes represents a desire for independence from social conformity.

4: The Faeroese refuse to kow-tow to public opinion and censure: they still hunt whales for food.  And pilot whale steak is very tasty, I might add.  

This interprets as (a) developing self-respect with the willingness to stand one’s ground against the tide of public opinion (and as readers know, pantodragon WILL stand her ground) and ( B) having a “whale of a time”.

(Another purpose of dreams/divination: to ensure that you have a “whale of a time”.)

5: In the dream I am in a wooden house and see a woman in ethnic costume.

This image is personal to me in that the house made of wood and the type of clothing the woman wears are particular likes of mine.  However, the image raises the general point that divination will help you identify your likes.  This helps you fulfil your personal dreams and ambitions as well as supplying your mind with the right kind of “food” essential for your personal health and well-being.

(You may think that (a) identifying your likes is trivial and ( B) you already know what your likes are.  Wrong on both counts.)

6: At the bank: when I visited the Faeroes for real, I had the option of taking either Danish or Faeroese currency --- both were accepted.  As a matter of courtesy, I opted for taking Faeroese currency.

This interprets as developing cooperative behaviour, which is the natural state of human beings, unlike the un-natural competitive behaviour they exhibit today and which is a symptom of the sickness of modern society.  (And for goodness sakes, don’t anyone try to tell me that human society is cooperative.  It is highly competitive, red in tooth and claw, a struggle for survival.  Full stop.  It is the NATURAL world that is cooperative.)

The disruptive boys in the bank interpret as re-defining what is good and bad behaviour --- inevitable once one obtains independence from social conformity.

Finally, a summary of some of the benefits of using divination:

Divination offers practical advice about projects, about your health, about what is going on in the minds of other people as well as their motivations; it helps you understand the world; it teaches you how to use divination i.e. dream language; it restores your mind to its natural state where it grows and develops naturally; it develops cooperation, the natural, healthy state of mind, as opposed to competitiveness, a “sick” behaviour; it helps you identify your likes and thus fulfilling your dreams and ambitions; it develops your intuition, your self-respect, your independence and self-sufficiency e.g. you will no longer need to rely on doctors or other outside authorities; it develops the ability to communicate; it helps you enjoy life --- you will never get into a rut.

There are countless other benefits which arise from using divination.  In short, using divination is vital to leading a healthy, interesting, fulfilling, rich, highly enjoyable life.

What I should also make clear is that IF YOU DO NOT DEVELOP YOUR OWN LIKES AND DISLIKES AND ESCHEW PUBLIC OPINION, IF YOU DO NOT DEVELOP INDEPENDENCE, IF YOU DO NOT HOLD TRUE TO YOURSELF AND YOUR OWN SPIRIT IN FACE OF SOCIETY CHALLENGING YOU AND TELLING YOU YOU ARE WRONG, TELLING YOU YOU ARE A FAILURE, THEN YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LEARN HOW TO INTERPRET DIVINATION OR TO INTERPRET DREAMS.  If you do not do all these things, your dreams will stick and so will your mind; if you do these things, your dreams will develop and your mind will develop and grow along with them.

Disclaimer: the smilies are nothin' to do with me!

Jessica Christ
Jun 06 2013 06:42 PM
Even if the word divination can have varying definitions to different people, what is described here I can agree with. I simply call it a gift without a need for any other terms and I believe that everyone has a gift and if they find it they can use it to help others.

The Universe is always trying to speak to us and dreams can be a chief form of communication as can random, mundane events in daily life. Metaphor is the exact method of translation I prefer. It is artistic in this manner and requires imagination but also, as you mentioned, understanding what personal symbols mean to us. Our likes, dislikes, and interests will be the language used, highly internal and intuitive, but we can also draw from the external and what we have learned from others, combining both will give us better understanding. Think we agree here, maybe not...

Disagreeing that these gifts are meant to cause or further distrust in society or academia. Gifts in my view are simply used to help others. Of course everyone is allowed their own interpretation.

The way you teach others about this also assumes none of us know nothing and you have to explain to us how to even think (e.g. "eschew public opinion" which might be important to you but not necessary for others to find benefit from their gift). Many of us know about these matters and those who do not and can be helped won't exactly have to, nor is it necessary, for them to follow the same view you have in society.

Society does not tell me I am wrong. Parts of it would disagree with me but they do not compose all of society who as a whole can only agree on the lowest common denominator. There is also validation we can find in each other as well if we are open to each other. So agreeing with the framework of divination as you explain it but not the content, construction, or validation of that framework: that is this house does not need to be built with bricks of mistrust even if yours is.

Someone who is fine with blurring both internal/external, academic knowledge/intuitive knowledge, and who can find a value in society/their own individualism, can still benefit from these gifts and dream interpretations. The Universe speaks to us all if we just want to listen, no need to carry around a chip on our shoulders against society.

Carlos Castaneda books speak of sorcery, again a word many define differently, but one portion of his works on sorcery state everyone will have their own style. One who is gentle will do gentle sorcery, one who is rough and slams door, will be just as abrupt in their sorcery. Our personal alignment might differ but we can agree in the importance of the framework of what you define as divination and I define as gifts, even if we will disagree on how they can help us.

We can still, " BE ABLE TO LEARN HOW TO INTERPRET DIVINATION OR TO INTERPRET DREAMS," without yelling or being yelled at.

I see integration with society, helping those around us in the most mundane of ways, you see something altogether different and having to force people to agree with your alignment. In the end you have to decide what is right for you but cannot enforce that on others. We all have our own paths, the times they bring us to the same point should be shared and welcomed.

No doubt this works for you and what is you get out of it. Just a bit different for me. Do we have to agree on everything or can we just agree halfway?
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Jun 17 2013 01:56 PM
No, we do not have to agree on everything.  Nor, I think, do we even have to agree halfway.  If we all agreed on everything, then what a dull, boring world this would become.  In my opinion, people get too hung up on differences of opinion.  What does it matter whether or not we agree?  What does matter, however, is that one should have the freedom to express one’s opinions.

As to “having to force people to agree with your alignment” and “without yelling or being yelled at”, both are nonsense.  (Remember, we are communicating via the internet, not face to face.  The internet is a crude tool and not up to such sophistication as required face to fce.)  I express myself the way I express myself --- it expresses my nature, my spirit.  Also, if we all agreed on everything and all expressed ourselves in exactly the same manner, then what an even more boring world that would be!

I was interested in your reference to Carlos Castenada’s books, especially the references to sorcery (magic realism?).  I have not yet read his work but he sounds like an author I should investigate.
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