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Spirits have style


The silence of songs singing to me

Posted by Avatar Samantha Ai , 16 August 2015 · 612 views

"Things won't change
until WE DO

after your cry alone
i said sorry, tell me, I AM
watchstanding for you

when i fell alone
ground-caught & graceful
took shelter and cried for you
upon looking around

I found a 3-year-old
mix cd of august power
to seal your heal for
a die-well...


Jessica Christ Loves...Herself! and practices green spirituality :)

Posted by Avatar Samantha Ai , 13 June 2015 · 2,604 views
and additional poem and 1 more...
relics first on her altar
next to pictures of you and
my lost brother stillborn
only because he still follows me

if we can't love ourselves we
can't love others
if we love ourselves, we are
others either way.
only neurons in your simulation
all the world resides in you

and you in it
are you in it?
we need you in it
we want you with us

1. look up...


Song For Sentinels II (or We Are Here)

Posted by Avatar Samantha Ai , 08 June 2015 · 774 views
and is heard for heed
We Are Here

not boy or girl
or happily married
except for a time
while still here

and we will always be here
even when mortal coils
slinky down milky stairs
letting down ladders from up...

above is key
within a door
below a handle
outside the frame

broken like bells
calling faithful who fled
or warning fire on city and congregation
but do sing...


A Song for Sentinels

Posted by Avatar Samantha Ai , 08 June 2015 · 753 views
& nothing is there
to appear before
entities at home
most your very own

being seen is ward
for losing connection
to your own self

more important others
most important you
how many people are you?

count lovers and children
enemies and elders
who shift into flora and fauna

my eyes vigilant
shadow observation
edges change subtly

is heart seeing
orbiting planet
realigned to...


thieves' dillema

Posted by Avatar Samantha Ai , 19 October 2014 · 917 views

looky here now!
i'm discovering
no matter where
on the grid
you order my ordinal coordinates

you are here
(touch heart with hand
think inside
there you are)

now touch your heart
with a softer hand

rogues return
as well as create

your sudden loss
was plotted long ago

now return your own
self to all
(touch heart again)


COLLECTIVE knowledge

Posted by Avatar Samantha Ai , 27 August 2014 · 926 views

we now have proof
animals also discover tech
from the good mother landis
teaching all their kind
as all our kind
slowly realize the best ways
most EFFICIENT and safest

mary send our message:

one day animals will communicate
yesterday humans heard
what will we do with
another competing species?
another =...


Do ghosts wear dresses?

Posted by Avatar Samantha Ai , 08 February 2014 · 751 views

Do ghosts wear dresses? And if ghosts can wear dresses
must they always be white?
Maybe black with dark makeup...

Diana, it has been a while
since I've last thought of you
since you've come to my bedroom

Smartly arrayed in fashion
face full of life's colors
destined to be queen of humanity

Have our petitions reached you?
Sad songs written in electricity
from the...


As a Christian witch

Posted by Avatar Samantha Ai , 05 February 2014 · 978 views

As a Christian witch I reclaim the word
that elders in ancient times
would have made us think was evil

I reclaim the witch
from the good people
who would all to easily agree

standing in line
to watch
the burning times

Society draws lines
take my hand
we cross them all the time

turning our backs
forming a circle
dancing in spirit and celebration

Under the moon
over the...


Bling Ring: Sneaking into the throne room

Posted by Avatar Samantha Ai , 15 June 2013 · 805 views

Bling Ring: Sneaking into the throne room HuffPost interviewed Nancy Jo Sales over her 2010 Vanity Fair article, her views on it, and on Sofia Coppola’s newest movie, The Bling Ring, inspired by that article.

While Sales speaks to the social causes behind the bling ring, their desire to be famous or at least live as carefree as if they were, their aspirations are those that many share even...


Some play within the boundaries, other play with the boundaries.

Posted by Avatar Samantha Ai , 13 June 2013 · 693 views

Some play within the boundaries, other play with the boundaries. The image to the left has nine dots.

Can you connect them all using only four lines

and without lifting your imaginary pen up once?

The answer is below...

You don't have to stay within the borders.
You can move them anytime you want.   ...

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