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Christian Witch NFAQ

Posted by Jessica Christ , 09 June 2013 · 391 views

Christian Witch NFAQ Basically the spell in the last blog entry was used as a psychological aid and tool. If you have any questions about Christopaganism please ask. If you have anything to share please do.

Here is a quick NFAQ (Not Frequently Asked Questions) I devised for a failed forum and revised for this blog:

Q. What is a Christian witch?

A. Those from any Christian tradition or heritage who also practice any form of witchcraft, including low magic or high magic. There are different types of Christian witches so acceptance of others is natural if one can accept themselves.

Q. How can the two even go together?

A. If this is a question you ask yourself because you suspect you might be a Christian witch then you probably are a Christian witch.

If this is a question you want to ask someone else because you do not understand how anyone could possibly be a Christian witch then you are probably not a Christian witch.

Q. How do I become a Christian witch?

A. Since there is no exact single way to find your path there are no lessons you must learn or buy to be a Christian witch. There is no single point of view that others are expected to understand since we will all be at different levels of understanding and on different paths.

We can talk normally, no need for 'merry meets', unless of course that is how you are comfortable greeting others in your daily life.

Q. Are there any rules to being a Christian witch?

A. Some play within the boundaries, other play with the boundaries.

Fair fall you.

Ever Learning
Jun 09 2013 09:35 AM
where does the power come from to be a christian witch?
what christian things do you do?
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Jessica Christ
Jun 09 2013 09:47 AM

Armchair Educated, on 09 June 2013 - 09:35 AM, said:

where does the power come from to be a christian witch?
what christian things do you do?

some use witchcraft
to get what they want
when it can also be used
to find out what one needs
and where they should be

Spells and prayers are similar in this manner.

The power comes from our own intent and from God but magic for me is more about balance, not power per se.

I use magic as a psychological aid at times, to help me balance, to help me find my place, to send good will to another. But magic can be used in other ways.

Witchcraft is a practice and anyone from any religion could do it, it is not religion. Christianity just happens to be my religion and belief system. It was what I grew up with and am most comfortable but I also realize I was a natural witch since a child too. I saw the world in witchy ways.
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