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Bling Ring: Sneaking into the throne room

Posted by Avatar Samantha Ai , 15 June 2013 · 804 views

Bling Ring: Sneaking into the throne room HuffPost interviewed Nancy Jo Sales over her 2010 Vanity Fair article, her views on it, and on Sofia Coppola’s newest movie, The Bling Ring, inspired by that article.

While Sales speaks to the social causes behind the bling ring, their desire to be famous or at least live as carefree as if they were, their aspirations are those that many share even for a moment, but at the same time, in her mind, Sales herself was not looking for fame but only wanting to present her journalistic and detached view of it all.

Most interesting is that the actual members of the bling ring might never be as famous as the actors now playing them, the director of the movie, and the victims of their crimes.


The Huffington Post: The story of the real bling ring is a pretty juicy one, and perfect for a magazine piece. How did you land on it?

Nancy Jo Sales: I saw an AP wire online -- it was just a four or five paragraph story, but as soon as I saw it, I said, ‘I have to do it.’ It suggested itself immediately as such an iconic thing, to most of the media. I was out in California in two or three days, and I felt like I was fighting for the story. Every time the kids had a court date, there was a [huge] press corp, as if they were covering a war.

HP: In the book, you talk about how the kids’ sense of self-importance seemed to infect everybody involved.

NJS: Everyone. The cops and lawyers started acting like celebrities. They were getting barraged with press requests. People say, ‘Why are kids so obsessed with fame?’ Everybody's obsessed with fame.


HP: Where are the messages coming from?

NJS: Every single one of the victims in the bling ring had been involved at some point in a movie or television show about the rich and famous, or wanting to be rich and famous. But as much as you can talk about “Gossip Girl” and “Hannah Montana” and “Entourage,” what’s really happening is we’ve had a redistribution of wealth toward a very small number of people in the last 30 years.

That is a fact, and I think that it has affected everything. I think that’s why they went into those houses. It's kind of like an age-old fable, sneaking into the castle and sitting on the king’s throne. There was all this anxiety in the country about what's going to happen to us financially, are we going to survive this financial collapse, and then suddenly they're sneaking into rich people's homes and stealing their stuff.


Nancy Jo Sales On 'The Bling Ring' And How Kids Have Changed

Have been expecting the release of this movie and will watch it soon as well as the older Lifetime Movie Channel version of it. The book by Sales sounds interesting especially if it delves into the sociology of them and us, as a society.

For now check out Elle to see Sofia Coppola’s photo spread of Paris Hilton in her home, where parts of the movie were filmed, which was actually burgled by the bling ring.

And read up on it at omg! From Yahoo!

Paris, why would you keep your key hidden under your planter? Then replace it in the same spot when it went missing the first time? Good luck on getting your watch back...

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