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Chapter 2: Online Videos, Basic Research

Posted by Brian Topp , 15 June 2013 · 209 views

Every year it is getting more difficult to find a legitative video in the paranormal field with CGI, creative video editing and at times extreamly poor camera focus. At UM the average amount of people who post videos, do not go the extra length and research the directors/owners of the video.

Check the owners other videos and THEIR COMMENTS.

We had some one posted a video Below, Apart from the story flaws, Lack of voice from the man named john, we want to check how legimative this person is. Click the Youtube icon, then click the uploaders name (Jimmynut22) Look at his uploads

Look at Jimmynut22's Video uploads, If you click each video you notice that it is the exact same video. Normally that is a red flag, it means they are trying to bump views than any thing. Youtube is an interesting concept, if you get enough views, youtube will give you some pennys for X amount of views.

Now watch the other videos that are intentional duplicates. For jimmy, I saw this video Now apart from the gif animation read the comments


Uploaded on Jan 28, 2012


Help us make a movie on this story! This guy found all of this footage from a court case in 1988. His videos show multiple "ghosts" and have a really interesting story behind them. When we asked if the footage was real, this is what he said:

Let's go to that link, when you listen they are attempting to make a paranormal video on a original idea, this completely 180 degrees on what they are telling us in youtube. Also, If you notice one guys pitching their story, you soon find out, that is John from the hotel video.

Saying that, They are a bunch of amateurs that are attempting to get their movie upground.

it always pays to look at the uploaders history.

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