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Chapter Three: Ghosts, Security Cams and rock and roll

Posted by Brian Topp , 23 September 2013 · 603 views

insects gas station ghost
Ghost Caught on security camera, One of the most mistaken evidence presented by people and the media is ghosts on security cameras. Who can not forget about ghost been caught on a gas station in ohio back in 2007.

Posted Image

The video shows the blow moving around and most people jaws drop when they watched the video.  truth to be known, there is a more realistic explanation than simply blaming a ghost.

The camera is not a high def camera, they are also focused on a certain area. The Security Cam does not have a built in auto focus like camcorders and digital cameras, where they would focus on the object closer (unless you change the camera settings). The blob is actual bug that crawling around on the camera itself, where it blurs (again not design to auto focus on the objects closer).

To replicate this:
I am using the closet technology I own since I lack a webcam and a security camera, So i am using my compact Canon Power Shot Camera Sd1400 is.

Now the average security camera is not high def, which means it isn't recorded in sharper detail. My Camera is going to record in high Def so the detail will more sharper. What I am doing is recording this in Camcorder mode and then taking screen shows to give you a much better detail.

The camera is focused on the cat (just like the security camera focusing on the gas pumps). You notice the details on the cat and the screw on the right being sharp and in focus.
Posted Image

Now I will introduce my second screw. Please note, the screw is not fully in focus.
Posted Image

Now I will bring the screw in closer to the camera lens, note now how the cat is still in focus yet the screw is blurred.

Posted Image

Again, you see the screw moved again, closer to the the camera lens and it begins to blur more on the screw while still keeping the sharp detail on the cat.
Posted Image

This is where the screw is making full contact on the camera lens, notice the mass of the screw is blurred, dark and transparent at certain points.
Posted Image

Again, Keep in mind the following factors.

1. My digital camera is lens is small, unlike security cameras that do a more broad area.
2. My digital camera is in High Def so it will retain more detail than the security cameras. This mean that the blur of the insect will be more blurred and more transparent than my screw.
3. If you are curious about why the bug is blue, here is a video that another skeptic made.

If you wish to watch the original news footage, here it is.

Sep 24 2013 01:50 AM
I'm sure there are people reading your blog who still think it's a ghost.
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That is a sad truth, some people see what they want to see and will to ignore facts even if it is staring them right in their faces.
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