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Dead By Life


On hold

Posted by Brian Topp , 05 December 2013 · 253 views

To my Small silent fans,

Thank you for the support through emails and PMs, I am currently putting this story on hold to work on another story.

I will post updates.


Chater 13: The Hive.

Posted by Brian Topp , 29 October 2013 · 399 views

You are most likely wondering about now the current state of my corpse counter part. I don't like looking at him or at least directly at him but through him as if he was just some other ugly guy. It's hard to talk about yourself when you aren't in the drivers seat but bound and gagged and left in the back seat.  

What the hell, Here it...


Chapter 12: Hitch Hiking

Posted by Brian Topp , 27 October 2013 · 372 views

The four figures walked down the the once busy highway, The road is covered with dust and abandoned cars. Topp walked next to the curb while the rest of the undead has branched out in the road and was walking shoulder to shoulder.  We slowly moved past another turn off ramp that had a green sign with white words "Applesburg 4 miles", Some one had...


Chapter 11: Things that make you go Moo!

Posted by Brian Topp , 25 October 2013 · 666 views
zombie story ghost aura
Normally, When Topp goes "hunting" I would float my spectral butt under the ground, where I would entertain myself by singing half remembered songs or I would try to remember the good times or Fall back to my all favourite thing, which is to worry about my wife. Today was an exception out of the norm, I remained above ground to watch this morbid...


Chapter Ten - Friends

Posted by Brian Topp , 11 August 2013 · 532 views
zombie story
Chapter Ten - Friends

Day 62,

Dear Fictitious Diary in my undead, spectral head, It has been Seven days since the slaughter of Walmart and we been walking slowly after the truck. Topp has been pretty much good to sticking to the "Follow the direction of where the Truck went" Plan but some how he got distracted like a kitten distracted by a...


chapter nine -dinner and a stroll

Posted by Brian Topp , 08 August 2013 · 379 views
zombies story
Chapter Nine - Dinner and a stroll
Ever seen those funny youtube videos where you get some infant child walking a big dog like a golden retriever and the dog is dragging kid by the lead? This is happening to me right now but I am jumping a head of me again.


Topp didn't stare for too long as I originally thought, He stood there staring at the...


Chapter Eight - The race

Posted by Brian Topp , 03 August 2013 · 502 views
zombie story fantasy
The race.

The voice that boomed over my mind is fading down to a trickle, I could barely make out the word "Feed" before it was gone for good. I find myself floating in the middle of the room, staring directly at a small beam of light that is shining through the window. The windows are covered with news paper and tape, possible to either to stop...


Chapter Seven - Changes. Updated Grammar, spelling etc.

Posted by Brian Topp , 27 July 2013 · 547 views

Day 45,

My life has some what improved from sheer loneliness to tolerable ever since I am able to talk to other spirits. We had a new addition to our store, Melissa Day. Melissa had lurched into the store one afternoon, She was not in her store uniform but a yellow dress that was mostly covered in fresh blood and mud from the rain outside. Her hair looked...


Chapter 06 - Day 36 - Warehouse of Fun.

Posted by Brian Topp , 07 July 2013 · 154 views

Here we are, Just two guys hanging at my desk at work. Both dead and not getting paid for it either, One sitting physically on my chair staring over my half written report of Richard Longston and the other, myself, is hovering around invisible near by.

At 6:00pm-ish to daylight, Topp walked into the warehouse, go up the stairs and then sits down and just...


Chapter 0: What is dead by life

Posted by Brian Topp , 03 July 2013 · 342 views

I should of posted this first but what the hell.

Dead By life is a story of a zombie and it's travels across the classic post apocalyptic zombie world. I wanted to create a story where a character is spiritually tethered to his undead body where he can only observe on what is happening around him.

The observer (Brian) is fully self aware but has no...

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