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Chapter 01 - Day 27, The End or should i say, endless.

Posted by Brian Topp , 26 June 2013 · 192 views

Day: 27, Bathroom.

If you were a fly on the wall you see this lone zombie, trying to claw the bathroom door open and if you could read my thoughts, you would be thinking, zombies don't think they are mindless flesh eating monsters. Well you are right, kind of, You see I am thinking but my body isn't, I am just a spectre, watching my mindless body ripping the wood off the frame slowly.

"Turn the god D*** door knob, you moron!" I bellow at my corpse, In response my reanimated body, Broke one of my nails off. I stared at my broken finger nail on the floor and wish I could sigh.

Talking to myself is the least of my problems.

My main problems is
1. being dead,
2. unable to get back into my body or go further than 10 feet away, like being tied to each other by an invisible rope.
3. I'm a ghost, i don't even have a ghost body, just a very faint outline of my body that i have to focus to see and i can't see myself in the mirror.
4. Is my wife ok?

I moaned as I watch my body stop scratching stood up and began to stare at the door, As if willing the door to open, now and again my body would do a weird throaty moan that sounds like a bird took a massive dump, not manly groan as i remember from left 4 dead zombies.

Out of frustration, I again I try to grab my Corpse but past through like it was nothing. Looking around I decided to I stick my head through the walls to see any thing going on but sadly the appartments are abandoned. Right now i wish my bathroom had a window and not connected to my neighbours.

Since we lost power I couldn't tell you what time it is but if i look at my neighbours bowling trophie i can see the reflection of the light that coming from their bedroom and i can make out a little bit of light. The only problem is i hate looking in there because both of my neighbours both are dead on the floor and rotting and i hate looking at their chewed up corpses. I decide to look any way, Right now it's getting dark, Great another day spent at home.

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