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Chapter 03 - Day 30, I am a wanderer.

Posted by Brian Topp , 28 June 2013 · 263 views

Day 30, I am a wanderer.

Warning: This story contains violent, nasty zombies and offensive language.

Hello Imaginary person, How are you? Hows your kids? That's great to hear.

How am I doing? Thanks for asking me, Well my pet decided to take me for a walk, You can see him, he is next to me, having a fun time with a squirell that is sitting up a tree.

Oh, You must be wondering how I managed to be outside with my zombie pal here.

Well, The Asian girl had decided to open the bathroom door, ignoring my bloodstains. Soon as the door knock was turned Topp fell on her and both were on the floor, Topp being on top. The only thing that stopped Topp from eating her was her instinct to shield her self with her arms and her Flash light was in the right place at the right time to become a mouth gag for him to chew on.

Well she screamed after they fell and a few seconds later, The Black man named John ran in to the room screaming "Oh ****, oh no you mother ****er" and then swung his baseball bat against my, I mean Topps face. Topp weighing roughly 125 pounds was knocked away like a rag doll. By time Topp got on to his hands and feet. Topp now has a broken cheek bone and also managed to loose some teeth from his side.

This didn't seem to phase Topp, who lurched after them... with the flash light turned still on and in his mouth firmly. making his mouth light up with a horrid veiny yellow. We instantly lost the two thieves and I felt relieved that they got a way. It was nice to see rest of the house, even though i had to rely on Topp's Flash light to see in the gloomy room.

Topp walked out of my appartment and then down the hall to wards the stair case. I listened to hear noises of Todds undead friends awoken by the noises of the intruders. Each step I could hear them scratching at their appartment doors.

As we walked down the flight of stairs I tried to talk to Todd. "Listen Todd, Can i call you Todd? Maybe Retodd? Bro, What are you doing? They are long gone, so why don't you let me have my body back and I can see if we can fix that busted cheek bone".

The zombie ignored me as the flash light had finnally fell out of topps mouth, the flash light bounced noisely down the stair case. By the time Topp had got off the stairs, went down the lobby hall, into the open air, the sun was high in the sky. Topp walked to the  side of the building to the parking lot, I noticed a lot of cars were still parked. I looked around and didn't see the survivors. I also realised that none of the zombies that attacked me are gone also.

Topp stopped at the drivers side of the car and stood there for a while. I didn't notice this at first since I was over come with the joy of being outside but Topp was at my car, Vaguely staring at the door.

After me telling him he is a moron for an hour he decided to shuffle to the main road.

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