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Chapter 04 - Day 32, To work or Bust.

Posted by Brian Topp , 29 June 2013 · 295 views

In my previous life, getting to work was no major deal for me.

The average time for me to arrive to work by car was about 25 minutes.
When my car broke down and I had borrowed my neighbours bicycle, it took me roughly 50 minutes to get to work.Once I had to walk to work, it had took me an hour and a half to get there.

Being undead, it took Todd two days to get to work. I personally didn't want to go to work, it is on the bottom of my list but here is my brain dead self, slowly shuffling to work like a man on a mission.

Being outside is a big plus compared to being trapped bathroom for couple of weeks. Here at least I can watch the world go by, unlike my bathroom where I spent my time singing, saying why me, talking Topp, and trying to move objects with my mind like that movie Ghost that my wife had made me watch once.

The things that I had seen along the way was a lot of empty buildings, a few up turned cars, some dried blood on the road. Nothing too exciting, oh, I did see a few birds fly over us, which made Topp stop to stare at them but then continued moving. I also saw a few zombies, One was staring inside a house window, one was ran over but was dragging it's upper torso along the road with it remaining arm in the same direction that Topp was also heading. The last one, was standing on top of a gas station with the same blank stare as Topp. It watched it as we shuffled past, I wondered how it managed to get on top for I never seen a ladder that could get you up there.

My concern during our journey was what would i do if Todd get's his hands on another human. Knowing I have no control over him and not able to warn any one makes an idol witness, Sure I could look away but i can't cover my ears. The thought of listening to screams of pain and pleas shiver me to my spectre core and this was in my thoughts for the remaining time until I saw my store for a distance and then the large crowd all around the mall across the street.

As we got closer, I could hear the buzz of noises coming from the undead crowd. Disturbing noises like chattering teeth, moaning, foot steps but that didn't scare me, it was the fumes that were bouncing off each other like they were all covered in gasoline moving from body to body in the faint outline like myself. Thank fully, Todd didn't seem to be interested in joining the crowd and went to my store.

Todd moved to the entrance where I saw a familiar face standing at the door way. It was Tom, "The void" we use to called him, as in If you talk to him he suck you in, talking about his favourite tv shows like buffy the vampire slayer and battle star galatica, Not the new one, the old one because the old one was WAY better for some reason.

Tom is not a bad guy, he just a guy in his early 60s, his wife had died from breast cancer and he is on back disability and from my observations, he is very lonely and have no friends or relatives. He always wore his old navy hat and his gray smoking jacket and blue jeans. Every morning he would wait for the store to open, shop around and if he didn't find any thing interesting he would then follow a manager or supervisior around for 3 hours then go to the book store next door.

Tom looked different then I had seen him, a part from being a zombie and missing his navy hat, the side of his face looked chewed off and I can see part of his brain leaking from his opened skull. Tom ignored Todd and stared at the doors. I watched as Todd stood near the exit door that was left open and stood there, staring in.

I floated around Todd and Tom, studying the situation and until I noticed Tom's wrist watch and took a look. It was almost 10:00am, That is when the store opens for the day. Todd shuffled in and then Tom followed.

As I walked in the gloomy dark store I noticed a few other undead but they seem to be busy, either sitting on the chairs or walking through the movie isle. None seem to take interest. Tom loyally followed Todd down the race track (we call it a race track by the tile pattern the divides our departments apart) to the back of the warehouse.

Todd pushed the door open and Tom stopped at the door. I watched Tom stood there, watching us through the window. I swung my attention to Todd as the invisible rope dragged me on. Todd slowly walked up the stairs, turn around the corner and then sat heavily at my desk.

Jun 30 2013 02:12 AM
For some reason I hadn't noticed your blog until now. I think your story is great. I'm wondering if there's a Day 1, have I come here too late?

I started to write a story about zombies once, but never got very far. I think your perspective is really interesting. I'm looking forward to reading future entries!
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Thanks, I just doing it as creative writing in an overly used theme.
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