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Chapter 06 - Day 36 - Warehouse of Fun.

Posted by Brian Topp , 07 July 2013 · 137 views

Here we are, Just two guys hanging at my desk at work. Both dead and not getting paid for it either, One sitting physically on my chair staring over my half written report of Richard Longston and the other, myself, is hovering around invisible near by.

At 6:00pm-ish to daylight, Topp walked into the warehouse, go up the stairs and then sits down and just stares at the report on my desk. He has been doing this routine for a few days now. One night when the moon light illuminated the room enough from the window, I watched Topp's eyes out of curiosity to see if his eyes are they are moving, like he was reading the report or something I don't know to be honest but he just stares at the report with his cloudy brown eyes, not blinking even once.

The report I was working on was about Richard. Richard had sold an expensive gaming laptop to an elderly customer who, in honest truth, didn't need it since all she was going to use it for was to go online to check her email once a month. She brought the laptop back the next day and told Richard that "It hurts my hands when I hold it", Which her being 85 years old and having to carry a bulky laptop that weighs over eight pounds can be a hassle for her. Richard being an little dip**** chimed in with "That's what she said" straight after the elderly woman made that comment. I had to spend the next two hours getting belittled by Richard's customer and I had to apologize constantly through the whole thing knowing I can not fire that little turd for it.

If you are a little more curious on why Richard was being written up and not terminated, It's very hard to get fired at my company, unless you are stealing from the customer or the company or fail to show up to work for a whole shift.

In order to get fired for being rude or being a jerk or sexual harassment, you verbal warning on the sales floor for a minute by your direct supervisor, then 5 minute verbal warning from your supervisor, then another 5 minute verbal warning by a manager, then a 15 minute verbal warning from the General manager, then a very stern email from the supervisor, then an informal write up from the manager, then a write up from the supervisor, then a write up from the manager, then you get a write up from the store General manager, then you get ANOTHER write up from the store general manager, then things get serious, the District manager comes and writes you up and then if you still acting up, you are terminated.

Sounds crazy huh? Well what if I tell you (In my best Morpheus impersonation) that the whole thing erases after 3 months. So by time it takes to terminate an employee they are back in the clear, which is Richard Longston's case.

I floated back to looking over my railing to see if any one comes back into the warehouse, which no one does, not even the undead inventory employee Carl, who seem to some what trapped in one of our display cabinets and seem happy to try not to escape.


I have had tried to experiment further with communicating with other fumes when Topp was making his rounds around the store. I had experimented with a cashier, Jenny. who stood loyally behind her register. Then one of the customers and then with the boy at the tablet displays again.

I soon had learned a few things. Calming the other specter is a must, other wise you have a hellish time trying to escape unless your corpse drags you away. When both fumes is calm and focus on making them selves visible, the visions become a mere background and you will able to talk on the same wave length. The best idea is if you are on a glass train with the TV playing in a background. The problem is if you get more than two people it makes it harder to focus and soon you all start dragged into each other and our fumes mingle until we are pulled away.

I also had learned if they are brain damaged, they have no fumes and can not be communicated with. I tried with Tom many times and no success. At first I thought he was ignoring me but this is Tom, the man who would talk to me every day. Tom wouldn't ignore me, especially if his corpse is following me around the store.

Able to talk to other specters almost makes this un-life worth living. Talking to each person I soon began to piece what happened with them.

-Jenny had called out to look after her boyfriend after he caught west black Nile virus that was spreading around from mosquitoes bites. The hospitable was maxed out and she stayed home. She told me she woke up one night and he was chewing on her thigh like a dog. she pushed him off and locked the door and called the police except it was an automated warning for people to head to the evacuation point. She rushed her car but then got jumped by two other zombies where they feasted her back. When a woke, she was watching her dead self in her underwear walking to work.

-Patch still being himself, no nonsense. Told me to go away and not tell me. I found out from Carl that he was attacked when he was in the bathroom in our store and died from a heart attack.

-Carl, came to work sick with the fever hide in the cage when the undead had walked into the store and attacking people. He said the fever got worse as he watched people running and screaming and pleading before he past out. That is all he remember.

-Joe, The boy at the Tablets. Told me his family car got into an accident near by and they were forced to flee to the safe zone. Except he got bitten on the ankle by a zombie crawling on the floor with no legs behind a car. He told me that his father looked back and then kept going. The boy said he climbed on top of a van for two days as zombies tried to grab and fest him before he died from the fever.

-Mary, Our newest store General Manager told me she was running the store when that every cell went off with a text that read that every person must head to the evac zone in middleton. She said a few minutes later a car crashed near by and a man cover in blood ran in the store screaming, before she knew it undead poured in, biting or eating the living. She said that her and 2 other employees locked themselves in the managers room. She said they were hoping help arrive, except one of them was bitten and turned during the night and attacked Mary who was a sleep near by. Mary said that uninfected employees opened the door and fled as she was being eaten a live.

The questions were the same when I spoke to them, Why did this happen, Is the hell or punishment, did I know if their loved ones are ok?

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