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Chapter Seven - Changes. Updated Grammar, spelling etc.

Posted by Brian Topp , 27 July 2013 · 454 views

Day 45,

My life has some what improved from sheer loneliness to tolerable ever since I am able to talk to other spirits. We had a new addition to our store, Melissa Day. Melissa had lurched into the store one afternoon, She was not in her store uniform but a yellow dress that was mostly covered in fresh blood and mud from the rain outside. Her hair looked like a rats nest and you can tell her corpse has been out sun for a some time. Looking at her skin, she been dead for twelve days so far, not as crusty as Topp.

What can I say about Melissa Day? She is 3 years younger than me, I'm 31, you do the math. She is a stick figure of girl who is a little shorter than me. She wears these geeky black glasses that look like that TV show Doctor Who wears but she a massive fan of the Television show, Star Gate. She such a fan that every year she would dresses up as one of the costumes during Halloween and she is a regular in comicon. We get a long very well since is very witty and is very fun to be with especially when I was just a full time sales specialist.

Before I go any further I do want to mention that we never did any thing, never kissed, never hugged, never hanged out outside of work, never had lunch together, we never sent each other texts, we never added each other as facebook friends etc. We just talked a lot during work when the days were very slow, which was often.

We did in talk about us once, just once. She talked about a fellow comicon male friend. She was telling me all the star wars customes he wore  and how he is very clingy but they never clicked, Then she said that he is very jealous of any guy that talked to her and the other week, he had seen me and her once laughing about something. I replied "You told him I am married and we just friends right?" she paused that felt like a long time and then said "yes, I did and he got weird about it".  And that was that.

Our silly conversations never changed until I was promoted to a store manager role. It became a Manager and employee relationship but right now things changed and I wanted to talk to Melissa.

It took two days before Topp was close enough for me to be able to touch her aura and let me communicate to her. She was like the rest of us, confused, lonely and horrified all at once. I did find from the others that she did talk to Jen and the Cashier and had calm down some. Is it bad for me to say I was happy to see her walk in? her being dead and not her being a live, safe from all of this? Yes but I didn't wish this on her.

I moved my ghost hand and touched part of the fumes of Mary that flickered around wildly. I spoke in a very calm voice, trying to control my volume of my voice  "Hello, Melissa". She replied "oH, My GOd, BriAN?". I was able to only talk to her for three minutes before Melissa lurched off to the restrooms. She was still upset but more shocked how Topp jaw was busted and my ribs sticking out but she slowly warmed up to me as we talked.

The next day was the best day of my un-life, A mouse had appeared in the store. I noticed it running under the DVD racks and Topp instantly turned around and lurched after it. After ten minutes of my corpse trying to grab the mouse, it ran into the woman's rest room that was partially left open. Melissa was in there sitting on the stalls, like it was a chair when the mouse ran past Melissa's corpse feet. I told Melissa what was going on and before I knew it. Melissa's corpse and Topp was trying to grab the poor mouse. The mouse was able to hide in one of the locked stalls where a dead customer lay on the ground, making it difficult for the two zombies to grab the mouse. I was able to grab Melissa and after a brief conversation, We float through the wall into the the janitors closet so we didn't have to hear our zombies hunt. It was an hour before Topp had departed, it seemed Melissa's Zombie got the mouse since fresh blood on her lips as she walked off.

During the hunt we talked a lot, we pretended it was like the old days, joking around talking about nonsense then the spell broke and we told each other what happened and how we died. We talked about our fears and if we knew what was going on, she asked if we are in hell. I told her I don't know.

Melissa went quiet and said "I killed a man". I floated a little closer "No you didn't, you don't have any control over the thing. You are anchored to your corpse like the rest of us. Melissa continued "he was like 13 and he cried the whole time". I paused imagining what happened, the thing I dreaded Topp was going to do. I tried to change the path of the conversation "It's ok, you are here now, with Jennifer, me, even good old friendly Patch who give people candy and made wooden toys". She chuckled but it didn't break her spell. "Day was walking down the road, I saw him trying to sneak behind Day a few cars back, he was very quiet. When I saw him I wondered if was a live but i saw his tears and knew he had been running for a while now. Then Day just spun around and ran after him, the boy screamed and yelled and ran and threw a rock at me but he fell over and Day got him. She ate him alive. The screams..."

She went quiet a few minutes, I couldn't think of a response or what to say. This is when I felt the tug of Topp pulling me away leaving Melissa zombie to sit back down on her favorite toliet.I felt extreamly guilt and regret on my selfishness.

Days past and talking to other people is a pain in the undead ass. Imagine being tied down in a car and you are talking to some one on the cell/mobile phone and a guy was holding that phone. You have no control on how long you can talk to talk to someone before that guy holding the phone pulls it away from your ear.

It was day 51 when something changed, every zombie in the store heard the noise. It was AC/DC music blaring from across the street. We lurched out of my store towards the song I never heard of.

A bunch of people were on top of the walmart building, playing music drinking booze and dancing. There were a total of ten living survivors and what i could figure out they all had weapons. I can see a woman putting boxes on the ledge and was pulling out bottles with fabric and wa...blerrrcaa

Hundreds of voices enter my thoughts, I felt pulled different directions as I hear screams, yells as my undead merged into the crowd. I couldn't see from all the fumes off the bodies but before I knew what was going on my mind was lost.

We all watched in hunger wanting the meat,
               "Help me!",               "John, John are you here?"
we want to feast on their warm bodies,
                  "God why have you forsaken us?"
we are one,
   "Any one can hear me?"
we are hungry we must feed,
               "no, I am not dead, it's a mistake!"
we must feed.  
               "i want my daddy"
We must get inside,
           "SOME ONE HELP US!"
we are m...

My mind reeled back as flames shot around us, then explosions. I suddenly realize that i can think again. Some how the flames had broken our connections. I turn around to see a bottom smashed on a zombie that was only a few feet away from Topp. The flaming zombie didn't even seem to be unfazed as it tried to push through the crowd to the door. The other zombies that were next to him burn as well but not as badly.

I can hear cheering from above but before I knew what was going on I was once again sucked back into the hive mind.

"Some Body do something!"

The door finally caves in as hundreds of zombies finally pushed through the glass door. We poured in like it was black Friday into the store. There was a bunch of shopping cards stacked as a defensive wall.

We all climbed over it, like salmon trying to go up stream. Some of the zombies got trampled over. We all filled the registers, we scattered across the store. looking for our pray only to find that the shelves were changed to build barriers. We did not care, we are hungry, we must feed!

Jul 28 2013 08:25 AM
Good chapter. Glad they were playing AC/DC and not some modern crap. :)
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