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Chapter Eight - The race

Posted by Brian Topp , 03 August 2013 · 500 views

zombie story fantasy
The race.

The voice that boomed over my mind is fading down to a trickle, I could barely make out the word "Feed" before it was gone for good. I find myself floating in the middle of the room, staring directly at a small beam of light that is shining through the window. The windows are covered with news paper and tape, possible to either to stop people looking out or zombies looking in.

I spun in a circle slowly, taking in the room that I had awoken into. The room small with a pallet of fertilizer next to me and I can make out some neglected pot plants all stacked in the corner of the room. The floor was scattered with cigarette buts and news papers that had titles like "Who will win this weeks 30 million?" and "John Harper, Arrested for smuggling drugs" and "Local school will close due fire".

I notice a doorway that lead into the store was slowly pouring out gray greasy smoke. I watched the smoke dance a long the ceiling for a few seconds until I remember my anchor is missing. I glance around in a brief panic and then fly around the pallet until I found Topp laying on the floor facing up with his hand up, I then realize that there was light directly on Topp so i looked up to see the gaping hole above me.

Then every thing came back to me in a mass flood


                               "Some one wake me up"
Move, living, FEED!

We poured into the store, bouncing off shelves that walled us in like a rats running through a maze. The voices didn’t care that we were heading into a trap,  it just wanted to feed on fresh meat.

Hungry,  feed,  

The freshly converted Zombies had pushed through the herd and ran a head down the man made tunnel. Their bodies moved more fluid compared to the rest of us who are stiff from being decayed over time. As fast as they were, they were no match for planks of wood that had nails laying before them. With out a yelp, a scream or a single word, they toppled down to the floor with loud thack noise.

We are many, EAT!

The fallen zombies tried to get back up didn't succeed in time as rest of the horde had caught up and trampled over them with no concern for their fallen comrades. The next hurdle was shopping carts that were wielded together with metal spikes attached to them that blocked out path like a hurdle. Topp was in the middle of the wave so by the time had to climb, he suffered no injury over since the first zombies were pinned down into the spikes and became a blanket for the rest of the swarm who just climbed over them.


The whole time the voice was urging us on down the corridor to what ever waits for us. When Topp made it over, He had landed in a shallow pool liquid, the pool was held in by garbage bags and gaffer tape. We move down, splashing loudly and a few more zombies a head of Topp had fallen down by more spike traps. As we surge to the corner, the zombies in front of Topp was pushed into the spikes that were sticking out from the shelves. The spiked zombies tried to move out but tide was keeping them pinned. Topp was pinned in the corner between two undead and was unable to move.


I remember seeing multiple things at once, At the end of the racetrack stood a man in his late fifties, wearing a hunting jacket and smoking a cigarette and firing at the closest zombies with his hunting rifle. There were more noises of gun fire, I remember seeing group of humans standing from a window firing off their weapons also at the zombies that were a head of the wave.


I am not sure how Topp saw them but what he did next was something that I now would not expect a drone of an unknown voice would do. Topp rebelled the order and decided to climb over the wall since every other zombie was compelled to charge at the lone human. Topp grabbed the spiked Zombies and slowly pulled himself to the top of the shelf and then finally pull him self over. He then fell to the floor and made a loud thud and then lay there for a few seconds as he hissed air out of him. He then half rose and half crawled towards the stairs that would lead to the office where the humans were. The humans above seem to be more focused on the zombies in the trap than the lone zombie crawling to their stair way.

I remember hearing a loud woosh as a fire ball flew into the air from the other side where the undead were charging at the human.


The voice sounded angry and scared as he can hear the zombies burning and smacking their hands against the wall trying to climb it. Topp crawled towards to the stair well as flaming zombies now began to climb over the wall and hit the wall. Smoke filled the store making things hard for me to see. I did remember hearing a mans voice, maybe the old man who was at the end of the hall way yelling at them that sounded like"go to the top, go to the TOP, Move! MOVE!" with couching noises.

I couldn't feel the heat but I can see how bad the heat was, the shelves that walled the zombies in were beginning to melt slightly and then bend down  with loud metallic grinding noise from the weight of zombies trying to climb over each other. In a matter of seconds the shelves capsized over and the zombies on top fell down and made loud meaty thud noises. Some zombies were walking a few steps but their bodies was too cooked for them to move and they collapsed onto the ground. The remaining unscathed zombies, a merge fifty of us, lurched towards the stair way door kicking or stepping over the remains of our fallen army.


The voice was weaker but it still fed us the message for us to obey.Topp got to his feet and merged into the tide of remaining zombies. we burst through the office door. The side of the room was filled with wooden and metal spikes and any one who walked would be pegged or having their bodies ripped. As we moved into the room zombies got pinned by the spikes, making the flow of undead go down to single file. after going up another three flights of stairs. We all stopped in a grid lock. I could hear zombies a head hitting something wooden while the rest tried to pull our selves up the stairs. Topp grabbed a zombie who had half of her face burnt off grabbed the bone and pull her back so he could move up a single step. The half burnt zombie fell backwards, pushing the zombies back for a second. The banging stopped when a loud explosion and light. Zombies in front fell backwards down the stairs like Dominoes.


A moment later we were climbing back on to our feet and continued back up the stairs. Some fatally injured zombies were were trampled over, making soft crunching noise. When we made it to the top of the stairs, The door was was blown wide open and smoke hung in the air with bodies of zombies scattered around.


The voice was much weaker now but our zombies knew what to do now and that was charge and lunge. We exited to the roof top in pairs, Topp walked out as the zombie in front of him head exploded in a reddish green mist. The man in the hunter jacket yelled at the boy to climb down as he aimed the the rifle at the next zombies.

Another bullet was fired but it missed Topp's head by a mere inch but it hit the zombie square in the mouth. Topp charged with a ghastly moan of anger as the man suddenly panicked and then kept firing wildly into Topp's chest. Each shot didn't even faze Topp as he ran with his hands out stretched. The old man cursed when Topp was closed and smacked Topp on the side of the head with the butt of the rifle, causing Topp stagger back a couple of steps. The world changed as Topp fell backwards and then downwards until a plastic loud smash and a memory plexiglass fell around us and then there was the thud and then silence.

A few seconds later a large truck roared to life with then drove off with music blaring "Back In Black" and cheering from the survivors.


Topp began to stir, he got up slowly and then stared at the hole.

**** i thought, It's the bathroom all over again.

Aug 08 2013 12:03 AM
It's an interesting twist having the real mind of the zombie floating close by and experiencing all this. Sort of like real life. My body does all sorts of things zombie-like my mind just observes.

Good story.
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